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  1. Maybe I should have been clearer:

    I currently have a couple of "packager.json" file, android.json, ios.json, iossimulator.json each with their respective configurations.

    At the moment I have to...
  2. Currently I have sencha app build native and it builds an android apk file correctly.

    If I want to build an iPhone version, do I have to delete the packager.json file, replace it with an iOS...
  3. I have and app that runs in the browser with security disabled (ie if security is enabled then I am getting a cross domain error)

    I have now packaged this with the latest Sencha Tools application...
  4. I assumed you were testing in Chrome and Safari in which case you need to look in the menus for the developer tools and then look in the documentation on how to enable the event log.

    For example...
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    Should the dataview hilight the selected item? List appears to do so but not the dataview
  6. Yup.

    the original poster can use http://username:password@url in the url section of the proxy and that should work as a temporary measure without requiring code changes
  7. Make sure there is no error in the log along the lines of
    XMLHttpRequest cannot load <url> Origin <other url> is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

    Obvously <url> is the url of the site...
  8. As I responded in my original request the xhr object has additional features to handle digest authentication which is securer and also fixes some security management issues around the whole handling...
  9. Is there any reason you cannot use a hardcoded record id value (e.g. 1) and then load and save a model based on that record id?
  10. Yup, it looks like I have to do that, I was wondering though if there was a property exposed somewhere that could be used like that as I thought it kind of basic that there would be provision for...
  11. I was envisaging it as a configuration option.

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    username: 'myUsername',
    password: 'myPassword'
  12. I have some xml from a service where the fields are being returned as attributes rather than elements. ie I have one element but lots of attributes on the element.

    Is this possible without...
  13. How do you pass a username and a password in the config to a proxy so that the proxy can download data from a secured site. Assume Basic authentication is required on the server
  14. Have a look at which shows how to implement generic "Like" support in jvascript, though not specific to Sencha
  15. For now basic auth - specifically access to which requires a username and password
  16. When I have a field of type numberfield the placeholder text is not displayed when the form loads or the clear button is pressed.

    This works if it is a text field
  17. Running mine on a 11.3 Kernel x86 64 without a problem
  18. Did you look at the developer API's for Facebook. These are javascript based and should be easy to integrate if you look at the example FB app for Sencha - JobWithFriends
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    I suspect you need to add the following:

    enabled: true,
    paths: {
    'your namespace': 'path from the file containing your Ext.application call'

    so your...
  20. When I try to access the "Accessing Native API's from Touch" I get an error loading the video
    "Sorry the creator of this video has not given you permission to imbed it on this domain"
    "This is a...
  21. How can I inside the store/proxy setup a username and password to access a web service/rest/ajax etc without prompting?

    For example I have a delicious account I want to retrieve a set of urls...
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    When I have an application packaged using the application packager, how can I get the application to exit?
  23. API Level 7 seems to be hardcoded. I eventually managed to get the Android build working on Mac.

    There is also a "certificatePassword" field missing in the documentation and build notes if you...
  24. Hi,

    Is there anyway of specifying a config file separate from the input file for sencha build?

    It seems when I run sencha build it takes the existing .jsb3 file with my custom app name and...
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    Can someone from the sencha team provide a bare bones sample of a working Android package creation sample or detail how to enable trace logging or answer the following questions:

    I have the...
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