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  1. did any one found any work around so far ?
  2. The tree package was slightly broke in 4.1(it had bugs) and the bug fixes were offered in 4.2 so we migrated the app to 4.2, but after we migrated we had a test cycle and found out there was another...
  3. ok your piece of code does work, in trees, but in grids it takes two clicks to deselect. but I think I have to see the configrations in detail to figure out why.

    Thank yoou very much for...
  4. I was also off the opinion not to go for 4.2 but Sencha support team advised me to do so :-/ and now my team is in middle of no where, as they said they had a slightly broke "Tree" package in 4.1.x ...
  5. Hi there,
    I had some issues with ExtJs treeGrid I tried almost every thing to properly reload a tree in 4.1 (it was fine in Ext3 and Ext4.0 untill I got ilfated and shifted to 4.1).

    when I...
  6. Thats a pitty and now it says :
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'data' of undefined
  7. I am also facing slow grid perofmance in 4.1 with a few hundered rows when without paging and buffereing.

    Its Specially for the Grid performance are there any bench marks available to compare ?...
  8. I am also using long polling and Publish and subscribe, and grid is update per incoming publishing can be 1 message per second or so .. .. I have narrowed down to problem a little but unable to find...
  9. rattler, did you got any success in performance ?
  10. Replies
    Yes the Grid does gains the focus which is really a head ache.. specially while user is using a form just beside it for input and focus shifts... did any one found a solution to this ?
  11. Hello every one,

    @nichol did you found any solution ?

    I am working on grids and tree and making them stateful for the app. too ... what I am facing is that

    If we dont over ride the...
  12. Hello guys,

    If we dont over ride the applyState every thing in grid / panel is restored succesfully

    but if we do over ride applyState in over gird and leave it empty and do nothing the state is...
  13. thanx Gordon!

    In 4.0.7 I didnt had much success with the fix supplied as an "override" share by ExtJSNinjas so I used the second type of patch which tvanzoelen shared here to...
  14. In 4.0.7, I used the patch shared here, but we finally decided to move to 4.1 due to some advantages in 4.1 but the error on tree Re-Load is back I think , these are the traces I see in chrome, has...
  15. yes I do have access to support portal, I was expecting it to be some small understanding issue though!
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    Did you find a solution ?

    I found an old version thread but seems to some useful information ...

    If you did fixed this...
  17. yep!
    The form goes out of focus , I am playing with flex to see if I can catch this issue, it is not happening in FireFox or Explorer, its specific to Chrome and occurs both in 4.0 and 4.1
  18. Hi Scott, its very easy to reproduce and is specific to chrome:

    Machine : Windows XP / 7
    Browser : Chrome Version 20 [Detailed version is Given in my first post]

    Steps :
    1 - Goto :...
  19. Hi I am using chrome version 20.0.1132.57 m

    When there is some value in field and is selected using mouse left key and dragged to right side of the field (complete component) shifts to left while...
  20. ok, I hope you get hold of actual reason why same component behaving differently on similar situations...

    Do share with us too..

    Thanx in Advance!
  21. I used it too, but it didn't worked for me in any browser that's why I manually displaced scroller to prev_location on "Load(callback(prev_location))"

    did you tried on IE 8~9 I wonder why it has...
  22. Problem :
    On reload scroller losing state and moving to top.

    Solution : ( Which worked for me )

    // Poller function

    Ext.Direct.on('pollClosePositionDetails', function(e){

    // FETCH...
  23. this is how my view config looks like :

    viewConfig: {
    columnLines : true,
    loadingText : undefined,
    loadMask : false,
    preserveScrollOnRefresh : true,
  24. preserveScrollOnRefresh : true,


    Ext.getCmp('Your Grid Name').invalidateScroller();

    were of no help I think in this special polling case the get over
    written by default values some...
  25. Hi Sword,

    thanx for responding
    I found the emptyfn at some other thread too and tried but didnt worked this is how my view config looks right now :

    viewConfig: {
    columnLines :...
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