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  1. This is how Sencha answers support ques. Wow.

    You can't even give me a code sample.

    Are you going to do a long policy discussion next instead of showing me an efficient code?

    I like to...
  2. In any event, here's a sample JSON,-74
  3. hi, i am new to sencha touch.

    I need to do the following with JSON info from foursquare.

    I want to display an array of Venues with their attributes efficiently on a ListView like
  4. I like to know if Sencha Touch will have a future competing with JQuery Mobile since I have read Dreamwever 5.5 will only give support to JQuery Mobile.

    Is this the beginning of the end of Sencha...
  5. I like to know this...

    I want to load a form's textfields (2) value from a JSON call.

    Basically, when a user loads the card with the form with the textfields,
    I would like to load it with...
  6. i, I am having trouble implementing a onLoad to populate several textfields
    from saved user settings in a database.

    I have four textfields, all are to specify a user's info (First Name, Last...
  7. Here's my addtional dilemma,

    In addtion to loading the options to the menus, I need to make the menus show the user's saved selection from the database. I don't know how to do the following.

  8. /// Hi

    I am looking to have checkboxes in a card that are align to the left
    like regular webpages.
    Also, I would like the checkbox to toggle the dis/enable state of a
    select menu item.
  9. ///////////////////
    //// My code does the rendering a little different.

    I don't use this

    new Ext.form.Select({
    store: myStore,
    displayField: 'text',
    valueField: 'value'
  10. /// Here's my additional dilemma that I still need help.
    /// There are like five select menus that will display all the same data from the store.

    /// Here's the thing, each select menu will have...
  11. Sounds easy enough but there's no sample code that actually shows how to do what you said. Especially from a Database.

    Thanks anyway. but I do need sample codes
  12. Please elaborate with some code what you mean.

    How do I pull JSON data into a store in the first place ??? I am looking to pull JSON data when the Card is pulled up. Some sample code? And how do...
  13. Hi,

    I like to know this, is there a way to pre-populate a Select menu UI item on Load of a Card that its in.

    It like this, my app has a main menu that contains a button that pulls up the member...
  14. Hi, I am a bit lost in implementing a sequence of events and like some incite from this forum.

    There are two cards (or two screens). (card1 and card2)

    When I press a button in card1, it calls...
  15. hi,

    I like to be able to switch between screens (cards).

    Is there sample codes on that?

    Tnx in advance.
  16. Hi, I need help in finding ways (I know u need a PHP script that spits out JSON code) to populate a "pulldown select menu" from entries from a mysql database.

    The SDK was insufficient in helping...
  17. Hi, I need to write an Sencha Touch app that can handle logins ( I wrote the login screen already ).

    I am looking for best practices using and building Sencha Touch to handle logins for users...
  18. Hi all,

    I like some advice on how to implement a web app for android and iphone Test Ques program that will pull test ques. in xml form and display it properly on the mobile device.

    Please let...
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