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  1. Take a look at!/api/Ext.Date for date formats
  2. To do this, a better solution would be create the handlers and call the handlers insteadof firing events.

    Ext.define('myapp.view.Main', {
    btn1Handler: function(){},
  3. I think that using the proxy's read method, there is no way to abort the request. Looking at the source, the doRequest method call Ext.Ajax.request but doesn't save the returned request.
  4. I searched the documentation and I didn't find anything to help you. I'll try again late, but I think that there's no easy way to what you want.
  5. It shouldn't happen. Maybe your form's id property isn't 'form_id'.
    Or try to call the if inside a setTimeout callback

    setTimeout(100, function()
  6. To check if the component is rendered, you use the rendered property. Before calling the Ext.getCmp() method, you must create the component by Ext.create().
  7. The options argument you receive in your beforerequest callback is an Ext.form.action.Submit instance. So if you want some custom param you should use a params attribute
  8. It shouldn't be params instead of extraParams?
  9. To submit a param

    params: {
    myParam: 'abc'

    Sorry, but I don't know how to request a param using Java :(
  10. 1 - You need to open a script tag and then write javascript.
    2 - You only need one (ext-all.js or ext-all-debug.js) and the css.
    3 - If you want to use ExtJS in all your application, put the ExtJS...
  11. You can use the hiddenName property!/api/Ext.form.field.ComboBox-cfg-hiddenName
  12. This is a javascript feature. When you put your proxy config in the Ext.define config it is a "static property", it means that every object will share the proxy config (as objects are reference types...
  13. If you put your proxy config inside a constructor it won't happen.

    Ext.define('Store', {
    constructor: function()
    this.proxy = { /* config */ };
  14. I don't know if there's a better solution than an application event.
    When your user change the dateFormat you fire the event and your date columns listen to this.
  15. Are you sure that this is an Ext problem? Maybe your server code is in an infinite loop.
  16. You should do something like

    constructor: function()
    setInterval(this.onActivate, 6000);
    onActivate: function()
  17. Sorry I misunderstood your question.
    In this case, you should apply a regex to remove the HTML (At this moment I don't know another approach)

    var text = record.get('htmlfield');
    text =...
  18. The cellclick's event fourth parameter is the record used to render the grid line.

    onCellClick: function(grid, td, cellIndex, record)
    form.loadRecord(record); // your code
  19. The erros were happening because you forgot some this. I changed it in the code below.
    It still has an error, but it's because your logic is wrong. When you call the render method, it expects to...
  20. I think your constructor should be

    constructor: function()

    If this is the only code you need in your constructor, you even don't need the constructor.
  21. The both ideas are right, this is a problem about how are you doing it in the server.
    Submiting different forms can be easier to work in server side because they're going to be different posts.
  22. Take a look at this thread
  23. If your JSON data isn't dynamic, you can use something like yhe below code

    // assuming your JSON is assigned to a variable called data
    data[0].items[0].items[1].disabled = false;

    This is...
  24. It should be a field out of the fieldcontainer.
  25. I never did that, but something like the below code should work

    if (document.head.innerHTML.indexOf('ext-all-debug.js') > -1)
    alert('Using Ext-all-debug');
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