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    Yea seems to be the only way. The docs led to...

    Yea seems to be the only way. The docs led to believe that it would just cancel any existing timeout, and schedule a new one:!/api/Ext.util.DelayedTask

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    Possible bug with DelayedTask and scope?

    Ran into a snag with DelayedTask, I'd assumed that this would have worked:

    Code for function "instantWinCountdown" in a controller "Index"

    if( !this.gameTask )
    this.gameTask = new...
  3. Still encountering this..

    Hey Guys,

    Am still encountering this. Using Sencha Architect, I've designed a popup with only very basic text components. Its View code looks like so:

  4. Thanks for checking Mitchell! I wonder in this...

    Thanks for checking Mitchell! I wonder in this case, if it has to do with any of the backing layouts. It's on top of a card layout, called from a card that contains a formpanel. Am using 2.0.0
  5. Any reason that Ext.Panel.showBy would work, but not

    Code for the popup that works is:

    showRules: function( button, e, options ) {
    console.log( "Rules Hit" );
    var rules_frame = Ext.getCmp('rules_frame');

    if( !rules_frame...
  6. Hey man, I put my disclaimer in! ;) It's...

    Hey man, I put my disclaimer in! ;)

    It's flattery when you think of it! Have used Ext since day one back when Jack was fresh off YUI, never been let down. I'm sure you guys will figure it out. ...
  7. [CLOSED] Hi Jamie, Thanks for checking it out. Link...

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for checking it out.

    Link sent via PM.

  8. [CLOSED] Selectlist backed by JsonStore, not updating its display in form on select

    Hi Guys,

    I have a bit of a problem, using 2.0.0, with a select list that's backed by a JSON store. The form panel contains 5 select list items, that when clicked, show the proper values from...
  9. Selectlist backed by a store, display options using a tpl?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a select list that is backed by a JsonStore. I was hopeful to stylize the selections in the list with a tpl, but that doesn't seem to work. Reading through the docs, it states...
  10. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (2.0.0 build 341)

    I'm getting this by:

    a. Loading a project (and doing nothing else)
    b. Saving the project after it has loaded

    2.0.0. build 341
    OSX Lion 10.7.3

    Is there anything I can look into to figure...
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    Best practice for Form submission under MVC

    Hi Guys,

    Had a few questions! Premise, I've extended a form panel with a few extra goodies, and have given it an xtype of "statement_form".

    The form's submit button, has this configuration:
  12. Cool thanks. Would have been pretty slick...

    Cool thanks. Would have been pretty slick though!

    component > .class


    Maybe in ST3? :)
  13. Controller Ref, can listen combination of xtype and element class?

    Probably borne out of a lack of knowledge of the component query system (couldn't find significantly good docs on how expanse this is..), I was hopeful to listen to all taps on items in a list, whose...
  14. Thanks for the answer Mitchell; am always chasing...

    Thanks for the answer Mitchell; am always chasing the best way of doing things. Right now, in my subclass of List, I have this 'getSelected' function in which I am executing:

    var selected =...
  15. Best strategy to query Dom items in a DataView

    In an effort to wean myself from / Ext.get, I was wondering what the best practice might be in querying a List or Dataview's items for a simple class for example (in the list's rendered...
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    If anyone has this issue, found the problem...

    If anyone has this issue, found the problem (quickly enough). Appears that the signature on itemTap has changed. The event is on the 5th arg.

    Good luck!
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    Accepted answer doesn't seem to work...

    Hi Guys,

    Am trying what's mentioned above on the latest RC version, and the itemTap function you've defined above only ever results in:

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating...
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    Alrite, found an example here:...

    Alrite, found an example here:

    do I _have_ to extend to catch this?
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    Event Delegation / List Templates

    Hi Guys,

    Searching for event delegation netted me with this blog post of Sencha's:

    Acknowledging that this was for 1.x and I'm...
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    Genius, thanks.

    Genius, thanks.
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    Dataview/List + Horizontal Scroll, Possible?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to create a setup where a top Ext.list (standard) scrolls through ER entities that contain screenshots, and when selected, shows the screenshots in the bottom view. I've got...
  22. Same Question...


    I have the exact same question (problem). I have an application that contains a list, and I was hopeful to have that list's selection event fire out to an application-level listener (because...
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    JsonStore backed Grid -- stumped

    Hi Guys.

    Done this 1000x times, usually works, maybe I'm not thinking straight... but this should work -- no?

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"...
  25. Can confirm the issue. Even with Ext 3.0, can't...

    Can confirm the issue. Even with Ext 3.0, can't scroll the body using FF and code similar to that above.
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