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    Is support required to get 3.4.1 upgrade if you purchased a 3.x license?

    Can someone confirm that I need to purchase a support license to get the bug fixes in 3.4.1?

    I purchased a Ext JS 3.x - Single Developer License sometime ago. While this entitled me to upgrade to...
  2. Possible security issue with ColdFusion sever side sample code

    I am new to Exts Direct functionality and was looking over the server side code for ColdFusion that is available with Ext 3.3 download. I may be misunderstanding the sample code but it looks like it...
  3. Column header height not consistent in Chrome

    I wanted to report a minor rendering issue I am seeing in Chrome when the column header labels span multiple lines. In the example below, the locked column header is one header is one line, while the...
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