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    It is an overhead to load jquery just for one animation of one library, when otherwise jquery is not needed or wanted.

    So far we are using these, but it does not work with anything above 2.0 beta:...
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    Thanks for your reply, I would still need it without jquery as we do not use it in our cms and it would be too much overhead to use it just for highcharts. Thanks anyway!
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    Could someone attach working Highcharts 2.3 or 3.0 adapter and plugin for Extjs 3.4?

  4. I meant it is impossible with default implementation in ExtJS. My opinion is that it should be, or more customers will be angry - just like me.
  5. I post this error report in behalf of Maciej Hołyszko, who found it and fixed it.

    This bug is causing phantom records to be doubled in some cases (e.g. when using...
  6. This issue still exists in ExtJS 3.4.
    Thank you lazy dev team for ruining my day.
  7. I am stuck at this issue, is it really that difficult to fix that? I just want an option at JsonWriter to send nested Json instead stupid "." notation.

    It took me one hour just to find it's...
  8. Thanks!
    You are right, the order is messed up inside Ext.encode();
  9. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2 rev 6798

    Adapter used:

  10. Hi jay,

    Thanks for the info.
    It seems to help - the difference is not that big now.

  11. Hi Condor,

    Thank you for suggestion.
    I am including results with your css applied.

    There are some changes, although I would not consider it a fix.
    Biggest problem for me is that when using...
  12. I've noticed that all buttons are longer on IE/Chrome/Safari than on firefox.
    It makes problems when I need to specify window size that would fit all toolbar buttons. When it fits Firefox it doesn't...
  13. Looking forward. Thanks!
  14. Hi Condor,

    Yes it does something, but doesn't fix entirely.
    Atached a screenie.

  15. Hi Condor,

    I attached a scenario where override is ineffective:

  16. Similar issue as:

    However solution proposed in above thread is ineffective (Included with example).

    Please check attached example...
  17. That's a relief, I was beginning to think my screen is broken :-?
  18. Did you check all examples?

    Problem is only with:
    - Multi Columns (no titles, double stack)
    - Medium icons, text and arrows to the left
    - Small icons, text and arrows to the left

    Checked on...
  19. Just tried r5740 on Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome 3 and Opera 10.

    It's all the same on these browsers.
  20. Hi Animal,

    I used this builder this time:

    I am confused now, if both don't work - which one should I use ;)
  21. Hi Animal,

    I used that one up till now:

    Worked fine.

    Please remove .jsb files from svn is this is unsupported anymore.

  22. Please check example:


  23. Funny, but with JSBuilder2 it seems to work.
    No idea what's the difference.

    I will do more testing and if necessary make new report.
    I think we can close this one.

  24. Hi Jamie,

    I'm using JSBuilder v.1.1.2.

    Worked so far without problems.
  25. Hi Animal,

    I'm using latest build, also tried r5690.
    Browser is Firefox 3.5.
    Tested on 2 computers, Windows 7 & Vista.

    Please check your error messages.

    I see the same as you after...
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