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  1. Thanks for your reply!
    That's right! I've run this command from my app folder:
    - app
    - extjs
    - build (where generated files are stored =>all-classes.js, index.html)
    - index.html

  2. No one? :((
  3. Hi all,

    In order to reduce file loading, I've compiled my app and I've followed this process:

    1) Generate the bootstrap.js by this sencha cmd command:

  4. I've already choosen this way but I've got some errors when I use this command => sencha -sdk /path/to/extjs generate app MyApp /path/to/app!This is the error: Failed to determine framework name....
  5. Hi All,

    I was wondering if it's possible to include all the components that we needs like JAVA import without including the ext-all.js at the index file. My problem is that even if ext-all.js is...
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