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  1. ettavolt,

    Thank you very much for your advise.:)
    I'll try to create a project using your idea.
  2. Thank you, ettavolt.

    I think I understand your idea.
    The problem is how to create code.

    I must use Sencha Architect 2.

    Can you provide the way?
  3. Thank you for a reply, ettavolt.

    But, I'm sorry I cannot understand.
    Could you show a sample, please?
  4. Please help me.

    There are three comboboxes in a form panel.
    The server can send a JSON file as below only once.
    (This example JSON is very simple but the real one will be huge.)

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    Thank you again, Reimius.

    It worked perfectly.
  6. Replies
    Thank you, Reimius.
    My problem, which was as same as foxmarco, was fixed.

    But I found another problem today.

    I'm using a grid dynamically loads the data.
    After seeing Page 2 of 2, the grid...
  7. Thank you.

    I love Sencha Architect!
    It's wonderful!
  8. I solved it by myself.

    I found "Basic Event Binding" in Toolbox.
    I dragged it to "GridDragDropPlugin" in Project Inspector and input fn value and name value as below.

  9. Dear jminnick,

    Thank you for reply.

    I want to use both "beforedrop" and "drop".
  10. I'm using Sencha Architect Version: 2.2.2 Build 991. (Framework is Ext JS 4.2).

    I cannot find EventBinding Property for GridDragDropPlugin in Config pane.

    Is there anyone knows where it is? or...
  11. Thank you, aconran.

    I'm so sorry to be late to say "Thank you!!!".

    It worked perfectly!
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    Hi, srxx123.

    I'm having same problem.
    In my case, not treeview but grid view.
    I'm using SA2.0. I spent time to find those property in a config pane, but in vain, so far.

    I tried to edit js...
  13. The code above is for the button (for deleting rows) in the toolbar attached on the grid.
  14. While using ";", I encounterd strange behavior as below.

    I'm a beginner of SA2 and Ext JS 4.
    I could not find the thread on this matter.
    I'm using SA 2.0....
  15. Thank you, Aaron.

    I will try your code later.
    It looks good.
  16. Thank you for the advice, Aaron.

    Could you show me the detail way step by step?
    I'm a beginner of SA2.
  17. Thank you, srxx123.

    There is no the property grid store in Sencha Architect 2.0.
    (I cannot find it in SA2.0.)

    Does anyone know whether it is in SA2.1?
  18. I'm still facing this problem.
    I hope someone help me.
  19. Additional info. My environment is Windows 7 ultimate SP1. I checked that the same matter in Mac and noticed the result of editing titles was OK. The change were saved. Thank you.
  20. After upgrading SA 2.0 to 2.1 I am facing some problems.
    Please help me.
    I want to continue to develop the application using SA2.0.

    I found that some titles of tabs of the project were...
  21. Could anyone show me the way to solve my problem?

    I tried samples under my environment, and they worked very well.=D>

    1) Drag and Drop ordering in a TreePanel...
  22. Does anyone know how to load json data into the Property Grid?
    I'm using SA2.

    I've read a code of Property Grid Example on this site.
    I don't know how to load data from json file...
  23. epenn28

    I am a beginner of Sencha Architect too.
    I spent only one and a half months with SA.

    My first post was very long and I also felt the point of my post might be vague.
    That was the...
  24. Now I think I understood how to put the data into the form field from "the grid panel".

    But I don't know yet how to put the data "directly from the data store".
    I'd read the Sencha docs Ext JS...
  25. Thank you, ssamayoa.

    I'll try it.
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