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  1. Sweet! Any interest in discussing a small discount we could give out to help promote it via Sencha's Twitter/FB? Feel free to email me: dave [at] sencha.
  2. Yep, sorry for chiming in late, but as Mitchell mentions, it just means you have an error in your paths, either in the config.rb or Sass file. I also don't have experience on Windows, but perhaps you...
  3. I'm not still actively working on the O'Reilly example, but I hope/anticipate it will be updated to Sencha Touch 2. Without patting myself on the back too much, I think it's a good example of a...
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    Thanks dude <3
  5. Redirect is in place, sorry about that! For the record:
  6. Holy cow, was a shot in the dark! Sweet :) Hope you like the app-
  7. Hrm, the only thing I can imagine might be a corrupt font database, though a bit of a stretch. Try quitting the app, then running these commands (separately) in the Terminal:

    sudo atsutil...
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    Sounds very cool — Any link to a live demo? Didn't see one on the blog post...
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    Everything looks fine from here. Would use the Web Inspector to drill down and see what styles are overriding yours, if any...
  10. Hey svlasov- You should check out the CSS property "border-image." Good luck-
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    Leeby - Here are the versions I have:

    * Sass 3.1.2
    * Compass .11.5
    * Ruby 1.8.7

    It looks like you have a Compass alpha in there (and you didn't list Sass version...) so I'd try using the...
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    Hi awebb- Indeed, as you suspect, the touch-charts-demo.css is a combination of Touch Charts CSS and Touch. This was meant to provide an example of how one could compile their stylesheets together —...
  13. Hi quickfire55,

    First, from an official point of view, no — a custom theme is not required for the contest, but of course will help your chances. Also: As jjerome mentioned, you're totally welcome...
  14. Note: Even a change to the body font-size could cause what you're seeing-
  15. Sorry, not sure what it could be at that point. Would recommend double-checking to make sure no other CSS is on the page, but aside from that, I'm not sure what to suggest-
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    Just make each tab a panel with a layout of "card". Then you can easily switch between each one within their own tabs.
  17. Have you guys tried ' -webkit-user-select: auto;' on the CSS for your images?
  18. Hi John — Are you definitely on the latest install of Touch? (1.1) — Also, could you include your custom SCSS?

  19. Very sorry, this has been fixed-
  20. Hi there, sorry for the delay. I wrote the O'Reilly example. Yes, it can be a bit complex to newcomers, but don't let it mislead you: At about ~800 lines of JS for the entire app, it's pretty simple....
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    Nice, very good to know (I'm not on Windows, and have been seeing more and more of these)...
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    The app loads the majority of the data from O'Reilly's API, it's in the store that's created at the top of src/SessionList.js.
  23. Good to know, thanks — Guessing this might be a Ruby/Windows thing...
  24. Very odd. Are you sure the iconCls is named appropriately in the JS?
  25. Do you get any error when you compile?
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