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    Thanks for your help.

    Server side code? The browser does not make a request if an URL with anchor is loaded.

    Can you give me some of your reasons why this would be bad?

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    Hi there,

    nothing ext specific, I know. But I'm searching the www without success about this for quite some time now.

    Does anybody in here know if there is a way to detect a "page reload" with...
  3. Well, not every browser out there implements every aspect of HTML 4.0. But still, good to know, thank you.

    I found an interesting blog post here:
  4. We've actually on demand script loading set up. Dependencies are defined pretty much like package imports in java.

    So you just have to know the name/path of a high level component e.g. a context...
  5. @Drayton

    Thanks a lot for your fast help. Your code does the job.
    By the way, there is a small bug: The timeout has to call testOnready again.

    Do you also load ext-all.css through JavaScript...
  6. Hi,

    did anybody around here ever try to load ext-base.js and ext-all.js through JavaScript?

    Well, I tried. It works in Internet Explorer 7, it works in Firefox 1.5, but it doesn't work in...
  7. Hi there,

    is there a solution to this?

    Thanks a lot,

  8. Hi there,

    I added a possibility to configure the tools alignment and collapsed title for Ext.Panel.

    See screenshot as attachment.
  9. Hi animal,

    thanks a lot for your thoughts. I reviewed my use case again and all of a sudden I asked myself "Wait, why don't I just add the listener at construction time?"

    Well, I keep my code...
  10. Hi people,

    in some cases loopy code or extensive use of event firing can lead to unwanted multiple attachments of a listener.

    To avoid this, I added the option "addOnce" to the addListener...
  11. Hi Eric and everybody,

    as I understand it,

    #1 Aptana References settings do not affect Spket code assistance.
    #2 If I want code assist for my own code, I have to add my own .js-files to the...
  12. Why does code assist work here across my files (see screenshot) - but ...

    ...not here ass I would expect?...
  13. Hi everybody,

    code assist for Ext core code works fine, but how do I get appropriate assistance for my own code? I am already close to giving up my trials with Aptana and I really hope for some...
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    There's a GUI Builder here:

    Another approach is to write normal HTML Markup and to use the ExtJs...
  15. Did you try already?

    Ext.util.JSON.decode returns a javascript object. Therefore responseData can be treated as such.

  16. Hi,

    I did some searching and found the following: (Suggestion: TCPDF) (Suggestion: Excel...
  17. PDF is a good idea because you get control over page breaks etc...

    But: Where do you get the data from how to generate the PDF?

    Imagine to print a grid that displays a search result with user...
  18. Hi there,

    first of all: ExtJs is great! Everbody around here knows: It is perfect for build dynamic application like user interfaces that run in the browser.

    But what about printing, especially...
  19. C'mon, it's only three letters. No, honestly...didn't anybody come across this so far? Whatever...

  20. Hi there,

    I'd like to discuss why BorderLayout.SplitRegion.onSplitMove has to be private.

    I found out that if you have to set a regions width or height programmatically and you do this via the...
  21. Hi,

    I haven't dealt with this particular issue in an Ext environment but you can do the following:

    function load_extjs_function (){
    alert ('CONTACT');
    //my contact form
  22. Hi everybody,

    I analysed this issue a bit further and I found out the following:

    When the BorderLayout is layouted, it takes each of its items and builds a Region or Splitregion as needed for...
  23. This is really important to me. Please forgive me this push.

  24. Hi everybody (and esp. Jack...),

    this is going to be a complicated issue.

    I have

  25. Hi para,

    now I understand your solution, I've implemented it and it works perfectly fine. This is the simple solution I was searching for.

    So thanks a lot again for your time and knowledge.
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