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    So I've used Firebug to try and find the problem.
    I can see that when I use scrollable all the messagebox text (the message part) goes into a div with a class - 'x-scroll-container' - and then...
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    I'm trying to show a pretty long text in a messageBox. Because it won't fit on the screen - I'm using 'scrollable' config with 'vertical'.

    The problem is that when I use 'scrollable' with...
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    PERFECT!!! Worker like a charm :)
    I've used a data attribute to get the item ID and thus could load the data.

    Thank you very much!
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    Thanks :)

    I was hoping to somehow use listeners with itemtap to catch the tap and then find the item tapped... but without success :/
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    Thank you for the fast reply, but I'm not sure this will work for me -because my dataview is nested a panel along with a toolbar, so I config it using xtype and thus can't give it a variable.

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    I'm trying to mix html with sencha components - but can't grip myself around it.

    I'm using a dataview with an itemTpl with a custom designed list (HTML of course). I'd like to react when...
  7. Hi,

    I'm trying to create a simple timer but can't find any timer reference in the documentation.

    What I want to do is start/stop buttons - where start will start counting the seconds/minutes...
  8. Finally it works :))

    I had to RETURN the <tpl> for it to work. Though the object seemed like a single object, it was indeed an array (as you've suggested).

    Again - thank you very much. You're...
  9. Thank you - It worked regarding that the panel did get a simple object (really appears in its _data field) - but still doesn't show the dynamic part of the template.

    Just to be clear - it didn't...
  10. OK, using data.get(0) got me the Model itself and after I've passed that to the Panel it still didn't work.

    I've checked the data that the panel has and it is the Model without a collection. in...
  11. Mmmm... I would be very grateful if you could point me to some resource where I could learn how to do so in Sencha Touch.

  12. When using console.log on the data I get:

    the className is 'Ext.util.Collection'

    in Items I get only 1 item with the index of [0].
    When opening the _data of that first item, I get the fields I...
  13. Nope, it's not an array. Strangely, the suggested code yields exactly the same result as previously.

    my fields are as follows:

    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: ['ID','Name'],...
  14. OK. Got it - I'll just create multiple instances of the models.
    Thanks you very much!
  15. Thank you for the fast reply.

    I thought the fields are used only as inputs, so that when someone will tap at item - it will open an input keyboard - which I don't want to happen.

    Anyhow, as I'm...
  16. Hi,
    I'm trying to use a store to populate a Panel.
    The panel has a simple template:

    id: 'Info',
    tpl: '<h1>You - {Name}</h1>'
  17. Hi,

    I've come to a part where I've got a pretty complicated model that I need to show, but can't decide what widgets I should use for that.

    Help would be appreciated.

    Let's say I have 3...
  18. It WORKED!!!
    Thank you very very much!

    P.S - I still didn't get the console logs of the store.load() but using layout:'fit' did fix the issue for some reason.

    Again - Many thanks.

    All the...
  19. That got us somewhere - it seems this never fires up

    I've used this:

    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    config: {
    fullscreen: true,
    items: [
  20. :sWell, I just did exactly what you've suggested now - still without any results

    I really can't see what's wrong...

    Using Firebug I see I get all the objects right, the records are being...
  21. Doesn't seem to help - but I'm sure I'm not using it right.

    Is this the right way?

    var stores =;
    var wStore =...
  22. You're right. They weren't the same. Actually it seems that the store in the DataView was null.

    So I've loaded the store from the Ext.getStore to DataView.setStore() but it still didn't help.
  23. Hi,

    Still can't get it to work.

    I've added storeId as you've recommended and it seems it works because Ext.getStore can find it.

    But still after using the load method - it would load the...
  24. I'm pretty sure, but maybe I'm not getting something here. I'll post my store and Dataview so maybe you'll be able to notice my bad :)

  25. I'm using the Commercial version with Chrome / Safari - so all shows well. Just the DataView is not synced with the store.

    How can I sync them?

    I'm using the Store.load() method and in the...
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