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    I suppose your enterprise project will meet lots of troubles in theming, for which sencha has little docs~

    And it is a bit of challenge for all members to understand the concept of SASS and...
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    you are right~
    the demo was made in spare time when I was playing with Sencha Touch~

    Sencha touch is lacking docs, esp. those you will need even if you read the code.

    Controller is such case....
  3. seems no variables that have connections with font-size?

    font-size in default themes are measured by relative units; the only way to adjust font-size is to change the value one by one?
  4. thx~i read the guide first.
    hope you will release more docs about theming~
  5. ⋯⋯up
  6. i am going to implement a customized theme using sass. It's completely different look&feel, so i cannot simply modify some variables, e.g. the $base_color. Is there any info about the theme...
  7. do you mean i can fix the problem by: ?
  8. console output:

    seems screen resize handler throws some exceptions.

    all my code:

    any suggestion?
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    i can't find data grid in API.

    Should i implement a customized Ext.DataView to serve as data grid?
  10. .......helps....!
  11. page seems to be scaled on android~
    HTC G7 claims to be 480*800, but it looks completed different compared to the browser window of the same size on desktop

    i added
    <meta name="viewport"...
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    Ext.Application instance will create the namespace itself:
  13. the model is sth like this

    Cm.Contact = SC.Record.extend(
    /** @scope Cm.Contact.prototype */ {
    name: SC.Record.attr(String),
    tel: SC.Record.attr(String),
    avatar: SC.Record.attr(String, {...
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    I've been play around with Sencha Touch recently, and I made a Contacts Manager demo using MVC pattern.
    I hope my demo helps:
  15. thx, that's what i needed~

    and i recommend you try out Sproutcore~
    it's a completely different kind of frameworks compared to Sencha or YUI.
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    Ext.dispatch() and Ext.ControllerManager.get() sometimes helps~

    and some views have "scope" and "handler" property can help you to hook up with a controller

    but it's a truth that MVC in Sencha...
  17. I've been evaluating frameworks for a mobile project.

    Sproutcore is powerful and it perfectly appeals to me. However, the mobile edition of sproutcore is remote and apps using Sproutcore desktop...
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