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  1. I have a tabbar with 10 tabs. Since only 5 show at a time, I want a "more" button to cause the tabbar to scroll left and right so the user can see the additional tabs.

    How do I do this? Thanks.
  2. We actually couldn't find a resolution to this so we ended up going native. If you guys are writing applications with lists I'd highly recommend prototyping quickly to measure performance first. We...
  3. Please note: Sencha SDK Tools are designed to be used with Sencha Touch 2 and Ext JS 4.0 and are deprecated for the most current framework releases. For the current version of Sencha’s build tools,...
  4. Is SDK tool still required? Download page makes it seem like it was deprecated. Docs make references to it. I'm confused.
  5. I have installed Sencha CMD. Is there any guide that explains how to minify an app?
  6. 39776

    I'm running the sencha.cmd from the Sencha\cmd\ folder
    Error doesn't say much about what is wrong.
    Any advice?
  7. I meant the ST1 kitchen sink. There was an icons sample with a tab bar docked at the bottom. You could scroll thru severl icons. I saw that the new kitchen sink only shows a max of 5. So I wonder if...
  8. It is an item of Ext.Panel with the layout "card"

    Ext.define('Helpdesk.view.TicketTabView', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'tickettabview',
    config: {
  9. Anyone? If i take out one tab it looks fine.
  10. This is what it looks like with the old ST2 prior to upgrading

  11. I upgraded to 2.1.0-rc2 and fixed all the deprecation warnings. My tablet view no longer renders properly. Here is a screenshot. Any ideas what went wrong? I also attached the console and there are...
  12. Bump
  13. I remember it having several that you could scroll left and right to access. Is there a problem with displaying more than 5 tabs?
  15. Hey Everyone,

    I'm starting to really compare our app written in ST1 to the new one we wrote in ST2. While we now use MVC in ST2 as recommended by best practices, we are noticing a significant...
  16. 39737I've got a tabpanel with 6 tabs which causes the last tab's icon to display slightly off the side of the iphones width. I've set scrollable to horizontal so access that tab isn't a problem.
  17. Well that's just it. Our company is looking bad. We try to explain that it was the framework we built upon causing the issues. But ultimately it is our fault for choosing the framework. I'm just...
  18. Any update on this? We got a ton of bad reviews regarding performance on the Android. Users complaining about it being unusable. So we started building in ST2. Not only that, we stared to promise...
  19. title says it all
  20. Ext.Msg.prompt doesn't work in Chrome either.
  21. Same prob here. Only in ios6.
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    Quick question. What is the base64.js file for?
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    I have two signaturepad instances on my app. It seems that when one is used, the other one is rendered useless.

    The symptom is that I cannot draw in the signaturePad on the second instance, once...
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    Is it possible to do testing with the phonegap canvas plugin on Chrome?
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    Anyone get this to work with Android 2.0+ but < Android 3.0? If there is any known workaround please share.

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