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  1. yes...but I didn't find a way actually... from the Google UI...

    so alternatively I'm trying to place a transparent panel on top on my map .. but btw

    how to have 2 panels into a...
  2. solved :))

    with a valid certificate it works well...
  3. Hi,
    an app of mine built with architect uses the map component...
    the problem is if the user click the "Google" label in the bottom left corner a Google page is open and there's no way to coma back...
  4. Hi to everyone,
    I'm writing an app with architect perferorming various Ajax requests using Ext.Ajax.request.
    So far so good but now I need to make my requsts using https protocol.

    Which changes...
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    I'm trying to use the push notification for Android in a sencha touch project written using sencha Architect 3.1

    If I add as documented the references in the project:
  6. Hi, using architect 3.1 and sencha touch 2.3, building a project using phonegap build (3.6.3), I can't get the position on ios8 wether the app works fine on android...even i I grant permission to use...
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    great! it works!! you have been very helpful to me! thanks a lot dude :)
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    very helpful I apprecciate you help!

    I restructured all scss and now the last thing I can't get working is the zebrastype in lists

    in an empty project I added a scssresource at the default...
  9. Hi, I recently passed to architect 3.1.

    I converted an old app wich accessed the uuid of device for login token.

    now I use device.uuid to access ios udid but i wonder:

    -why the result value...
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    yes I guessed that but if I try to create a brand new architect project, adding a scss resource with the only line:

    $base-color: #111111;

    build and publish the navbar color I added to the...
  11. just now i found a workaround!

    it seems you have to call <storeOfList>.removeAll(); before reload data to get the correct layout the second time!!!
  12. Hi, thanks for reply..

    Ok let's add infos.

    -I had the trouble on a sencha touch project in architect 3.1 only when i deploy to devices (an old samsung turbo , samsung s2 iphone 5c), not in...
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    Another step forward! thanks.. Now only $base-color is still not applied. I added a sass resource as you pointed me...

    the strange thing is css is applied only if I don't change the app.json...
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    a little step ahead...

    here's the current situation.. if a copy a css generated before architect 3.1 only some setting works
    but for hinstance base-color is not applied, neither the title font...
  15. yes tnx for the replay..

    only in chrome I get for container.js

    applyScrollable: function(config) {
    if (typeof config === 'boolean') {
    //<debug warn>
  16. Hi,
    passing to Architect 3.1 I have this big issue:

    debugging into the device I get wrong itemHeight in every list but only the second time the views the list are inside are shown (but only in...
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    I'm migrating to a architect 3.1 project of my sencha touch app

    in architect 3.0 all was fine but now I can't get a css file deployed and applied even in chome

    I added myTeme in...
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    that's strange i'll double-check my code as I'm migrating it to architect 3.1. In architect 3.0 it worked fine but I'm moving events from control navigator to event binding... I'll check it again
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    another bad error experimented once passed to Architect 3.1

    sometimes chrome debugger says..

    Ext.Logger.warn('Registering a component with a id (`' + id + '`) which has...
  20. I'm on the trial

    very strange the environment is very buggy
  21. Hi,
    I passed an earlier project to sencha architect 3.1

    Now I continously get error where views are set to scrollable = false.

    can you help me becouse it's very frustating tnx
  22. Hi,
    I created a new project in architect and I installed cordova in the project dir

    however, in architect 3.1 ide I only get the native build option and not build ios app and build android app. I...
  23. I apprecciate it very much thanks by the project I'm working on is too big and currenty I'm trying to isolate the problem my puttung away some code one at a time.

    I'm waiting for a more stable...
  24. actually, as I wrote they are not remote...

    I guess my scripts need framework because the use for example Ext.define

    so i think only bootstrap and requireSDK have to be set (I can be wrong...)...
  25. thank you,

    although I can't clearly figure out the meaning of "remote" i guess it's a parameter to add in app.json,
    the script I try to reference are local resources...

    I've just tried to...
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