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  1. When I tried to change index.html to index.php it started giveing me this grief. Then I tried to change it back and it was stuck forever. Sencha really needs a start page name miagrator in...
  2. With the newest Sencha Command generated app.json there is no output: section.

    I see:

    * The file path to this application's front HTML document. This is relative
    * to this...
  3. Hi Guys,

    Struggling with this with Ext JS 5.0.



    "indexHtmlPath": "index.php",
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    Hi Guys,

    So I used sencha generate view MainTabsView.

    So it created 3 files for me in the app\view folder:

  5. It used to be that I could create a small ExtJS widget and embed that easily in an C#/Java/PHP application. Just copy the SDK over in a folder on the webserver and include/reference the appropriate...
  6. Does Sencha touch provide a way to import your contacts on Android / IOS into javascript for posting to a website? Or is this a native app exclusive?

    Any leads appreciated..
  7. I think that pie chart component is pretty slick! It's a great add-on. I usually use Fusion Free Charts, but this definitely is a viable contender if I can get the following issues worked out. ...
  8. var cmp = Ext.getCmp("stadmap") to a reference to the DOM component?

    You could always put the HTML into a <div id="stadmap"> in your code and use the content-el: stadmap (not sure of the exact...
  9. <!--

    This is my best effort at a Sencha Touch pan / pinch zoom in/out on images.
    It is far from flawless.

    This example code has been cobbled together from many...
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    How about this: Minimalistic / Least Invasive Surgery. Rather than cut a scar across your gut to take out an appendix, make a small incision and use some tweazers and a fiber optic camera and a...
  11. Hi All

    Suppose you have a displayable area of 100 lines in a grid. Your code has enabled pagination. Your AJAX call sends back 2 entries. There is no need for the pagination panel at the...
  12. Yes, I agree, would be nice to get an Email Registration Key that we just cut and paste into the application if Web Automated Registration Fails.
  13. This post from the ext js registration application does not work:
    POST HTTP/1.1
    Origin: qrc://
    X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest
    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0...
  14. Yes, that would be nice to be able to change the proxy settings, but most savvy organizations have it disabled so that employees can't skirt their normal web monitors.

    When I copied the guts...
  15. Login still broke on my machine. Wish I knew what URL it was attempting to connect to. If I am reading this page, this means that port 80 is open through my corporate firewall. This is the same...
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