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    Thanks, sven. Will try what you suggested.
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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to hide the Checkbox in a Grid Header? We have a Grid that uses CheckBoxSelectionModel but we need to restrict the user to do a "select all" operation using the Checkbox in...
  3. Anyone who has figured a way to solve this? Thanks a lot. :)
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    Good day everyone,

    I'd like to ask if there is a way to have the GXT core classes use image bundles. Looking at Firebug, several image requests are made when rendering some controls such as grids...
  5. Hello guys,

    I've got another weird problem when running my GXT application in IE8 (and sometimes in Hosted Mode). Here's the scenario:

    * I have a panel containing an EditorGrid with a...
  6. Thanks, sven.
  7. Just to update, I downloaded GWT 1.7 and GXT 2.0.1 and so far the problem has not been occurring.
  8. Thanks for looking, sven. Below is my test code. Here's the full version number of IE I'm using, if it helps: 8.0.6001.18702.

    I'm hope it's just something in my IE browser that's causing this.
  9. Hi guys,

    It's kinda weird but in IE8, when a TreePanel's context menu contains more than two (2) items, the context menu "flickers" (appears and immediately disappears) when you try to open it.
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