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  1. thanks a lot, i saw your mensaje and now i have 3 columns
  2. Hi all.
    i'm trying the web desktop, so i want to get more shortcuts.
    i'm trying to decipher the code so i think that the shortcuts part is this.

    createDataView: function () {
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    thank you so much slemmon

    i was looking for that info with no luck

    thanks again
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    hi all

    i'm watching the Field Replicator for a combo into a e-mail form.

    the thing is that my back end is PHP and only receive "", the last value in the variable.

    can any one help me to...
  5. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1


    when you send something to server, is common to see a wait message, this make any message box to hide under the modal of a...
  6. drag and drop can't use arrow keys 4.1 bug

    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1


    when you use a grid you can select...
  7. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1


    when you use drag and drop with summary, the summary has to refresh when you drag or drop an item to the corresponding grid,...
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    hi all, i have this code in 4.0.7 with a window.

    var win = Ext.create('Ext.Window', {
    title: "Revision",
    id : 'revwin',
    layout : 'fit',
  9. sorry for the delay, i tried 2 things, 1 is write the "onReady" block in the same file, this does not work

    simpleCombo is not defined
    getBasicLayouts()basic.js (línea 374)...
  10. so it, is my problem or the ext or what? the combo continues without rendering, how i fix it ?
  11. in rc3 it is the same error, the viewport renders without the combobox, just go to your layout browser example and paste the simple combo example with his store and try to run it
  12. ext-4.1-rc1, i will update to rc3 let me check
  13. i appreciate all your help, i'm using ext-all-debug.js, and the childEls is removed,

    Thanks for your time, i have 2 errors now

    Ext.getBody() is null
    initComponent()ext-all-debug.js (línea...
  14. yes is your own example "ext4.1/examples/layout-browser/layout-browser.html" this file has onready block, this file render a viweport with a treepanel, so if you click in the form layout,it render...
  15. hi i'm testing a lot and i'm becoming crazy, i'm trying to change an example of extjs 4.1 i'm inserting a combobox in the layout browser, and i have the same error that in my last post "Ext.getBody...
  16. thank you Scott.
    I try it but does not work. i really don't know where is the problem.
    i'm updating all forms do i resolve another ext.getbody is null

    4.0.7 code that not work on 4.1

  17. hi, i start this example in 4.0.7 and all works fine, but 4.0.7 has so many bugs so i upgrade it to 4.1 but i it does not work, firebug say me that ext.getbody() is null in the combo lines.
    I have a...
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