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  1. @skirtle - Thanks man. much appreciated. Its still not showing in the grid ( after i put your change in ), not sure exactly whats going on. I'll put an update in the morning. I have a feeling its...
  2. @skirtle - Thanks!! Didn't realize that was there. Just tried it, still nada. Do I have to have a renderer for the columns in the grid, or will it auto display simple text?

    Also, I am receiving...
  3. OH!! Thanks!! i just tried using

    proxy: new{
    url: 'getEmails.php',
    //url: ''
  4. Thanks for the quick response, however, this is returning from the same domain ( or am I missing something? ). Does this need to be a js return? How would I do that?


    P.S. Sorry...
  5. Just tried your suggestion, still no go. Any other thoughts? If I put the json response for the example ( the commented out code in the js file, it works ). But the php file seems to be causing...
  6. Hello,

    I have a grid



    var store = new{
  7. I copied the sample code ( .java file ) and put the appropriate div tags in the HTML and it still isn't working correctly. The only thing that appears is the taskbar at the bottom, but no background...
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