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    Before ,my gwt web project worked with GWT2.1 and GXT2.2.1.
    When I drag TreeStore , it can be sort correctly.

    Yesterday I changed to GWT2.4 and GXT2.2.5 .
    When I drag TreeStore , it...
  2. skirtle,thank you for the answer.I have called the method [Ext.EventManager.onWindowResize] .
    Now,grid size can be autochanged.
  3. My problem is , at begin brower's size is small.
    So the grid's size also small.
    But , when begin brower's size is bigger,the grid's size still small.

    I want the grid's size can be autochanged....
  4. Hello,

    There is a Column ,the CellEditor is TextArea,
    When I input is longer then the Column,
    I want it auto show in the next line.

    How to do it?
  5. Now , I know how to do it.

    The source :
  6. Hi,
    When I use a RowEditor for Gantt,
    the rowEditor can't be show correctly.
    Is't a bug of Gantt?
  7. Hello,
    When I input a column,I want to get the row of this column.
    How to do it?
  8. Hello,

    I have write a DrapDrop method for Gantt by myself.
    But ,it can't be executed.

    Because , the Gantt has defalt DragDrop method.
    How to execute myself DragDrop?

    I think remove the...
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