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  1. I now have a support contract and access to the nightly builds (woot). I have tested the MyIRR grid (above) with (from Sadly the problem is still present - I...
  2. Will this make it into 4.2.2?
  3. This is not easy to demonstrate on jsfiddle. I've created a github sample instead:

    1. Download the four files above
    2. Double click on...
  4. I have a custom component which requires 2 additional features beyond what is provided by sencha grids:
    1. vertical partitioning = a set of rows at the bottom of the grid (with totals) which are...
  5. Just to clarify - the problem is occurring with ext-all.js as well it just doesn't log to console.
  6. Version

    Ext 4.2.1, and specifically ext-all-dev.js

    Go to

    Check the console - you will see '[E] Layout run failed' errors in the console
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    Hi there,
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good designer who can help me style my ext-js app? I am looking for someone to do primarily CSS3/SASS/HTML5 design - they shouldn't need to touch...
  8. I would suggest the following: (1) Build a single app with (2) the prescribed senchacmd created directory structure and then (3) add a custom theme. Once you have all of that building and your apps...
  9. @dongryphon thanks : ) will the 4.2 beta be available for license-only developers?

    @worth the short answer is: if you've managed to compile sass to .css then probably all you need to do is change...
  10. I've setup a proof of concept here:

    No walkthrough though.
  11. Actually, might I suggest the following instead. Please setup a walkthrough as follows:

    Target webapp design:

    A simple webapp consisting of 3 pages with a static navigation header for...
  12. I'm a bit confused. Does the new package structure allow multiple apps to share a single (global) theme? as per this discussion

    If so please...
  13. Refreshing the view on the grid did the trick in the end.
  14. I have a grid which I would normally like to show ungrouped. I want a summary row to be displayed in this ungrouped view. I would also like to be able to switch to a grouped view and be able to show...
  15. :"> I didn't know about ext-all-dev.js - thanks it does what I need.

    Just seen this now.
  16. I'm using the Ext-JS 4.1 MVC framework and like it. However I would like to request some additional features to help debug commonly occurring coding errors, which are not adequately caught or...
  17. Crashes for me too on 'Reload Data'. I also have visual glitches with this chart - and many others. The labels in the legend are usually rendered off to the left, one on top of each other. Weirdly...
  18. I tried disabling all extensions - still crashes when entering Developer Tools.

    I did clear all my browsing data last week. I don't know whether that's to blame? I can't remember whether Developer...
  19. Anyone else experiencing a lot of crashing in Chrome with Ext JS 4.0.7?

    I get a lot of the blue 'Aw, Snap!' screens in Chrome whenever I try to bring up the Developer Tools (Ctrl-Shift-I) on a...
  20. I was having similar problems with viewready which lead me to this thread. However I seem to be able to use your code successfully lsdriscoll? Did you include the "this.callParent(arguments)"? I'm...
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    I have a series with 13 data points all of which are the same. Line chart fails to render anything. If I manually alter a single value then the line renders. Tested in 4.0.7 and ext-4.1.0-beta-2.
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    If a series contains undefined values then ext-js should render this as a gap in the line. There is a partially implemented feature - - which will render gaps at the start or...
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    I have the same problem, and alas - like you I've also drawn a blank. The closest I got was this discussion:
    you can...
  24. Ok, please ignore, I've found the answer:
  25. There's no add() on chart in 4.0.7. Use:

    var series = [];
    // Setup your series
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