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  1. I just used this solution and it works!

    Ext.define('Override.viewport.Android', {
    override : 'Ext.viewport.Android',

    constructor : function() {
    var me = this;

  2. We are running in the same problem. Is there already a solution around?
  3. Hi Joel,

    I tried different configuration but with no success. The classic.json file will allways be loading from the same source as the agisviewer.htm file. I'm not able to load the app relative...
  4. I tried to set the page property in my testing configuration to "html/agisviewer.htm". But when I try to load the application the classic.json file won't be found because it's trying to load from...
  5. Hi,

    we are developeing an Ext JS 6 Application for modern and classic view. Now we have the task to place the application code under and use it from different index.html files...
  6. I created my App with Sencha CMD. I'd like to use Ext.scopeCss = true. The docs says to put it before ext.onReady. So where have I to put Ext.scopeCss = true in my Application? I can't find...
  7. I have the problem that I have to access my app folder from two different html files. The cause is our CMS. Sencha CMD builds the dependies of the app alway relative to the index.html file. Is it...
  8. No, I didn't. Could could you give me an example?
  9. I like to use a a controller with a class only extended from 'Ext.util.Observable'. Where do I have do declare the controller and how can I bind the events from this class in the controller. I tried...
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    I can't load remote API's in production build. They will always point localy. I'm using Ext 5.0.1 and CMD

    My app.json looks like that:

    "js": [
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    We used:

    Sencha Cmd
    Win 7 64
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    I configured the following remote API Path in my app.json File:

    "js": [
    "path": "app.js",
    "bundle": true
  13. I set Ext ready just before i need ExtJS first time:

    if (Ext.isIE9){

    Is just needed for IE9
  14. I found a solution by myself. I had to stop the anmiation with stopAnimation in beforeCollapse-Eventhandler.
  15. Hi,

    We are programming a very complex web application using Ext JS 4.0.7 and other API's. The application is intend to run as an object in a CMS. So we don't have the possibility to load the Ext...
  16. I'm using 4.0.7.
  17. I have a panel with a collapse button. When I fire serveral rapid clicks on the collapse button the panel will freeze in the close state with a small line of content beneath the header. This can...
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    Hi Florian

    The scoping works great. It's exactly what we were looking for!

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi there,

    We produced a very fine Map-Application with Ext JS. All our scripts and stylsheet are loaded dynamicly by Java Script. The HTML Header just need one js-File and one line of code to load...
  20. How do I access the panel's body?
  21. Hi,

    I like to render a not Ext JS Component into a panel. For that I need a DIV-Tag. If I add a DIV-Tag with the HTML-Property the DIV-Tag appears after rendering. So, how can I access the inner...
  22. Ok, but then the toolbar is public and accessable from outside the class. My toolbar variable has to be private and hidden from outside.
  23. Hi there,

    I'm creating a new class with Ext.define(). In this class I have a public method drawPoint. In the function drawPoint I like to use the private variable toolbar defined in the...
  24. I'm using Dojo for DOM manipulations und registering Events without crossbrowser problems. I can use also pure Jaca Script code.

    But you didn't give me any answer for my question. How can I bind...
  25. Yes, I was working on my local filesystem. I moved to to a LAMP and now all is working properly. Thanks!
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