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  1. I manually added the code from the Ext.js file and I now have these extra goodies in the Touch api too.

    I'm surprised they weren't included.

    If anyone needs to do the same just create a new JS...
  2. I have a feeling these function methods are not available in the touch api.

    Can someone confirm?
  3. I'm trying to do the function callback and I get an error to say the method doesn't exist.

    Is this a standard method of a function object or something that Ext provides and if so do I need to...
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    We'll also need the ability to customise the keyframe objects. You'll find your second animation is overriding keyframes for the previous animation.
  5. I love how easy it is to create animations with this tool and I've even managed to get the HTML that it produces injected into an Ext.Panel which is great.

    BUT ...

    I need two animations running...
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    I can confirm that installing the chunky_png-1.1.0 gem and then re-installing compass worked. Thanks for this guys.
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    I have two buttons that are quite large and are designed to contain an icon as a background image. The images are also larger than normal buttons but it seems to be cropping them to a small square...
  8. I'm a complete noob to Sencha and am using Aptana as my ide. When I test the examples in Aptana it doesn't see the Ext framework. I get a load of errors saying Ext is not defined.

    Now I understand...
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