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  1. hi..
    Can any one tell me how to remove mini button in collapse panel in extjs4.. in extjs3 if i remove collapseMode:'mini' . the mini Button is going but , the same is not working in Extjs4
  2. Thank you Dear friend for give this code ..this code is working for me
    Tiju abraham
  3. hi ...
    the above code is working fine for me .
    i have one more problem -> while selecting the combo box items display field changing to value field ( ie from the above example in my combo box it...
  4. just bind the fiels name only mapping is not required will automatically map to the data. and while loading the data it should be in the same order as of field
  5. can any one help me how to load group-header-grid dynamically. in EXtjs 4


    tiju abraham
  6. hi
    i want to load dynamically data, field from the Xml and generate a store, so that i can build the grid . the following is my code

    success: function(response)...
  7. can any one help me how to convert extjs 4.0 chart into png so that i can export to PPT or Excel


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