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  1. We found a problem with our approach, that I was describing above. It doesn't support several instances of one single Ext-MVC-application on the same page (which we needed). We ended up with a...
  2. Using a space as thousandSeparator and '/i' as postfix in the format argument in method: "Ext.util.Format.number()" isn´t working as expected. (Not a mayor issue since you can always express the...
  3. Here is how we are using multiple and MVC's in our single-page-application:...
  4. Current version (4.0.7) of ExtJS do not appear to be designed to support multiple MVC structures and multiple ‘’ instances by default but we needed this in our application since we...
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    I was trying to find how to hide/show a column (dynamically with code) in the docs but no luck. Googled and found that you could use the undocumented property "columns" (that contains an array of the...
  6. Tested with ExtJS version 4.1 (preview 1) on jsfiddle here:
    And the issue is not reproduced using this version.
    So it seems to have been fixed.

    (Couldn't find...
  7. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

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    The solution to the bug seems to be much simpler. (tested with Ext-JS version 4.0.7)

    Add this code-row:

    ui : me.ui,
    at row 1558 in panel.js (config option for 'ghostPanel')

    We need to...
  9. I can confirm that I see the same problem in ExtJS version 4.0.6.
    But I think I found a solution. Change line 8 in "Area.html". It reads:

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  10. There seems to be a bug regarding some tree examples in the examples section of the docs application:!/example/tree/reorder.html...
  11. Do you plan to support "use strict"; in future releases of ExtJS or is it impossible to combine this with the Class Hierarchy approach that is used in ExtJS?
  12. Perhaps the paging toolbar was not designed for keyboard-control but it works fine in our application except in IE7. In IE7, when hitting the enter or space key and activating a button, the focus on...
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    Here is the code, just for reference:

    function btnClicked (numberOf){
    var pagingToolbar = Ext.getCmp('local-gridpanel-pagtbar'),
    theStore =...
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    True. I just noticed that myself and was about to edit my last post. ;) Thanks.
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    The code below seems to do what I needed. IE. changing the number of rows shown per page without any new server requests.

    function btnClicked (numberOf){
    var theStore =...
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    I´m trying to make it possible for the user to change the pagesize by clicking a series of buttons.
    (To show 10 or 100 rows at a time).

    Can anyone help with a solution that makes it...
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