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  1. Hi,

    It has been long time since you wrote this. I had to move to another project, but now that I am taking this back again I want to thanks you for your advice.

    It worked great, at least I got...
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    Hi, any clue how to do this?
  3. Hi,

    Great news you have been able to do this with phonegap.

    Can you ellaborate it a litle more.
    Do you just copy the whole deployed directory to www in the xcode project? I did it myself but...
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    I use DW CS5.5. I don´t know how to add EXTJS modules? can you help me on that?

  5. maxRows did not work for me.
    I used:


    for a textarea and worked
  6. Hi,

    Thanks it worked.
  7. I can´t find a way to query a textfield to know if it has the focus.
    Is that possible?
  8. Very nice.
    thanks for sharing it.
  9. I use this page:
  10. Hi Thanks for help.

    I tried the code you propose but the textfield.getEl() was addressing the outer component and I needed the <input> part.

    I change the code for this:

    listeners: {
  11. Hi Luca,

    I am also triying to access the input part of a text field component.

    Can you explain how did you use the child function?

  12. Anyone???
  13. frienly bump
  14. Hi,
    I need to change color or class for a textfield element depending of its value:

    { xtype:'textfield',
    label : 'Status:',
    name : 'Status', ...
  15. Hi JGarcia,

    I am trying to use your code but no luck so far. Where exactly should I place it?
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    I´ll need to do this too
  17. Hi Zdeno, can you explain this with an example. I need to add a Sencha button to the record on the list.
    I could add a html button but, then, how can I call a Sencha fucntion and with witch event?
  18. Hi Funny144,

    I sent you a PM in spanish asking for some help.
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