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  1. Nothing. We are going to try it out in GXT 3.0
  2. Yes thats right. Both in development mode and in production mode, the browser is killed as soon i try to resize my window that contains the live grid.
  3. @Sven - I meant to say that my browser was killed.
  4. GWT: 2.4.0

    GXT: 2.2.5

    Firefox: 13.0.1

    Chrome: 20.0.1132.57

    OS: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)
  5. Environment:
    GXT version - 2.2.4
    GWT Version - 2.2.0
    OS X, Firefox 4.x

    I have a simple form with one FileUploadField and few Hidden Fields. When I click submit, the file successfully...
  6. Thanks sven...that worked!!!
  7. Hi sven,
    I have written a sample application and reproduced this problem and here is code...

    package org.iplantc.test.client;

    import java.util.ArrayList;

  8. Environment: GXT:2.2, GWT:2.03, java:6, MAC OS X with firefox 3.6.10

    I have 2 grids side-by-side on a Horizontal Panel with fit layout. I load data into those grids using remote method calls after...
  9. When I said "is not working", I meant - When I dropped the source by releasing the mouse button, the Icon did not move to the new location. It stayed where it was earlier. With your suggestion, the...
  10. GXT - 2.1.1, GWT - 2.0.3, Java-1.6
    I am trying to implement drag and drop for shortcuts in the web desktop.I managed to get the Drag working. But the drop is not working. Here is code...

  11. I tried my code with GXT 2.1.1 and did not notice any change in the behavior. My dialog has text fields(see the attached picture in my first thread) and I want the Url field to have the initial...
  12. @sven - any updates / help on this issue ?
  13. @sven - I am using GXT 2.1.0.
  14. I Have a Dialog with couple of text fields and OK,CANCEL button on a buttonbar. When I use my tab key in keyboard to navigate the dialog , I could not reach the OK or CANCEL button instead the focus...
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