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  1. After implementing the below code, all the value and rawValue has been modified with my new dates. But the monthpicker is not display the value which I set to it. By default it is showing current...
  2. Thanks for you response!...

    When data comes from the server side, my store has all values and displaying in the grid properly.

    While modifying the date in the client side, Not sure on that....
  3. Hello Team,

    With respect to the request raised in Q&A(

    We having an issue with the Date column in the...
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    Thanks mitchellsimoens, for your response

    By default all my nodes are expanded. And also for parent nodes the associated data length is zero. Only the leaf node will have the data.
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    Hi All,

    Kindly requesting for help to make the dynamic grid add and remove execution faster. I'm having a tree grid, which has 4 static columns and after that, some dynamic columns based on the...
  6. Hello mitchellsimoens

    Thanks for your response.

    When my page gets loaded, I have six dropdown in my page and loading the JSonStore for all the six dropdown.

    Sample code what i'm using.
  7. Hello prabhupb,

    Have you found solution for your requirement. I'm also facing the same issue, please let me know if you have solution for this. I'm using extjs 4.1.1.
  8. Hello,

    I'm using extjs 4.1.1 in my app development. When i selecting the dropdown list to selecting the value within 2-3 mins from the screen get loaded, I'm facing the attached issue in IE(ie:...
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