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    Any inputs on getting it to work in version 4.0.7 ???

  2. yes , I tried that solution but problem is that setting a value causes an infinite loop. I added code for suspending events and resuming events but it seems there is an EXT JS bug where suspend...
  3. Is there any 'beforechange' functionality/event in checkbox ? or some way we can prevent change of value in checkbox ?

    I have a confirmation box to be provided to the user when the user tries to...
  4. any update to this issue ?
    I tested 4.0.7 on IE 9 and saw the same issue . Is it a declared Sencha bug ?
  5. Yes , as per their reply on the support they will be filing a bug for this .
  6. Yes , beacuse an error occurs while doing 'destroy' and it never reaches to the 'callback' code.

    do try this -

    Ext.define('Ext.view.override.Table', {
    override: 'Ext.view.Table',
  7. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
    <title>GridEditingSencha </title>
  8. is this a bug in 4.2.1 ? any workaround which I can use ?
  9. 4.2.1. version .....
  10. I also see the same issue in my app. Any update or solution to this ?
  11. Is this bug fixed in 4.2.1 release ???
  12. I am upgrading my application from 4.0.7 to 4.2 . I have generated the application using Sencha cmd and then ported all the code to new structure . Although the Sencha cmd build using command '...
  13. found the issue , the model had 'idproperty' set as blank !!
  14. I am doing an upgrade form 4.0.7 to 4.2 . To get a code working I had to use 'decorate' method over a Model but on doing so I am getting error 'type undefined' , please refer to the screenshot...
  15. Also as per documentation Sencha CMD 3.1.1 should take care of Ruby and Compass but that desnt seem to happen , it always looks for system installed Ruby !
  16. I am also facing a similar issue but even after installing Ruby 193-392 I am nto able to resolve the problem are the details -...
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    I am facing the same issue with 4.2 version and the context menu is placed at the bottom of the screen , any inputs on how it should be resolved ?
  18. Hello ,
    Is there any recommended testing tool for automation testing of EXT JS applications ? I got to know about Siesta and RIAtest , but i don't have any feedback about these .

  19. Hello Mikieh,
    Our team is also in process of deciding for automation tool for our EXT JS application . Could you give some inputs here as to what tool you found as best for ext based application and...
  20. Hello ,
    I have a similar bug in one of my application screens. Were you able to find a solution for it ?

  21. Hello ,
    In one of my application screens i am using two checkboxgroups . Uncheck and check is working fine but problem appears when all of the checkboxes in the two groups are unchecked , the...
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    I have put a workaround and it is to increase the 'expandDelay' to a larger number , but would definitely prefer a concrete fix . To add again , this issue I saw in IE9 but not in Chrome , haven't...
  23. Sure We will be upgrading to 4.1 but we cannot go for it in this release , so any quick fix will be appreciated !
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    Hello ,
    I saw this issue in IE9 and not in Chrome , havent checked in FF -
    My tree panel structure is like -
    Root Node >
    A > A1
    B> B1

    A and B direct child of root node and then A1 and B1 are...
  25. Yes , I also read about that fix and did try it but it didn't help me :(
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