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  1. Just add a 'Delegate Event Binding' to the parent container. Properties should be:

    delegate : spinnerfield
    targetType : Ext.field.Spinner

    fn : onSpinnerfieldSpin


    What you could do,...
  2. When I iterate over each record, I store all of the items data that's returned from the store under the 'data' property.

    data : sortedRecords[i].data

    Then on your 'onSpinnerfieldSpin' action...
  3. I didn't use the DataView / DataItem approach. Instead I just loaded in the records from the store, iterating over each record to create a new spinnerfield type; pushing each into an array and then...
  4. I ended up coding my own super simple slide navigation for use with archtiect. There is no swipe support (yet), but I can show and hide a side navigation panel - just as SlideNavigation does - by...
  5. Worked for me.
  6. Also, I've just noticed that if I enter an 'em' figure for the padding property, this get converted to 'px'.

    My new rule of thumb then, is to not use the padding and margin attributes and just use...
  7. If I set the margin of a container to 0 auto (to center) and then from the command line, perform a sencha app build package, 'auto' is removed.

    This results in the container being aligned to the...
  8. I've got this this working in Architect. It's a little fiddly but it works.

    So first off I set a Loader to set the paths to ./ux as set out in the docs. So in Architect thats Application > Loader...
  9. Would be great to see an example on how to add a plugin to Architect.

    Appreciate this isn't inherently possible at the moment...which is why it would be a good example!

  10. I want to use wnielson's Slide Navigation ( from within Architect.

    From what I can gather, I would need to include this as a resource and define...
  11. I didn't use a DataView / DataItem in the end. I opted to load the data from the store - construct each spinner and then add it to an array. I then add the array to a container.

    Something like...
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    Good to know - thank you...
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    I found a solution but not sure it's the best method.

    On the callback of the load I use getData.items to retrieve the sorted items on the dataview.list rather than use the records returned. Seems...
  14. What about localStorage? Would that work for you?!/api/
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    Hey iSmartDevice - thanks for the reply...

    I already tried that after reading the docs, but still no sort. I make the .sort call from within the callback before looping through the records.
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    I have a store defined with a sorter applied.

    I have a dataview.list defined and it's store is that which is defined above.

    When I set autoload to true on the store, I can see the list...
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    Wondering if anyone can shed some light on how I can set a number pattern on a number field?

    When using an iOS device, number fields are reformatted so 1234 becomes 1,234.

    I want to have the...
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    The path for each item within template was wrong - sorted now.
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    I've got an hooked up to a model with 4 fields and a sessionstorage proxy and I add records like this:

    recordData = {id:1,first_name:'fred'} //etc

    myStore =...
  20. Yup! Thanks.
  21. Hi there,

    Anyone know how I can get the record id of a record added to a LocalStorage Store?

    I'm using :

    var addedRecord = Ext.getStore('MyStore').add(MyRecord); ...
  22. Hi there,

    I'm trying to create a component based dataView. The DataView should have a dataItem that has a spinner.

    Can anyone help with how I achieve this using Sencha Architect?

  23. Any chance of a distilled example? In my app, I just need a dataView with a form and multiple dataItem's each with a spinner.

    If I wasn't using Architect, this would be pretty straightforward....
  24. Found the solution on how to add an object as a property :
  25. Awesome - thanks for the post! Just working through this now...I just needed to know what to put in the override and this has helped thanks...

    Looking at App.view.EventListItem, you've this :
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