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  1. when using form.render(containerEl), i am getting error.
    how to define conatinerEl?
  2. Hi,

    i have jsp file which contains a hidden field. and jsp files import the js files which has form and form elements.
    i have a problem in reading the html hidden field value in ext js.
  3. Ext.define('Requests', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    { name: 'id', type: 'string' },
    { name: 'empName', type: 'string' },
    { name: 'department', type:...
  4. Hi,
    i am able to retive a table from database and display it via grid panel.
    i am using rowEditing plugin to edit the row.
    once updated how to store it in database?
    as of now it is storing in...
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