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  1. Put the focus method after "" is more direct.

    Is there any different between "function::defer" and "Observable::addListerener's delay option " ?
  2. Thank you,your code could work property :)
  3. Hi everyone:

    I want to add a formPanel to window,but I find that the TextField in FormPanel can't be focused. My code is:

    var login = new Ext.FormPanel({
  4. Yes,I don't want to user select a datepicker. I find that user remain could change the field's value although I set it to readOnly. Common textfield is hard to set a date format text into it. How...
  5. Hi friends:

    I want to set the DateField to "disable:true"(Because I don't want the user select Datepicker,readOnly can't help). But I find that If I set the DateField to disabled,I can't get the...
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    Thank you ! Could you show me some links about how to add a tree to tab?
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    Hello everyone:

    I want to put a tree in a tab.But the tree can't be displayed in a tab. I also set the scripts to true,scripts:true.It can't help.:(
    My code is:
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