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  1. As simple ExtJs user and not an expert by any means, I usually expect features in API documentation to work as they are described and I couldn't agree more with Animal on this. If the 'title' does...
  2. Hi Animal,
    I am using ExtJS 3.0 and I just run into same problem: was wondering why the 'title' property of the tabPanel wasn't shown.
    'title' is still documented for TabPanel in 3.0. It would be...
  3. Replies
    I had a working code in Ext 2.2, using TabPanel with same value of renderTo and id properties (see details Once I upgraded to 3.0 the tabPanel...
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Evan,
    It make better sense now. Although, I think that it would be better to have a error message saying "ID already defined", because it is wasn't clear why the panel...
  5. ExtJs 3.0.0 upgrade resulted to stange behavior of tabPanel. If tabPanel has same id and renderTo properties, the tab panel is not rendered at all without giving any errors.

    Example code:

  6. Hi,
    I have a form with two items, that should have different label layouts: left aligned label for the first item and top aligned label for second item. I tried setting global
    labelAlign and...
  7. Hi Condor,
    I fingered what my mistake was.
    The application I am developing has several grid objects, and one function for creating a grid. For every grid I was passing the distinct GridPanel...
  8. Sorry, I didn't put it clearly in my previous post. I am getting the result of hide/show information not being saved with stateEvents and initStateEvents declaration removed.
  9. Thanks for the tip about id-s.
    Now that I have the unique id-s set up the default stateEvents namely - columnresize, columnmove and sortchange work correctly. However, the hiddenchange state...
  10. Thanks for the quick reply Condor.
    The reason for changing state events was trying to add hidden columns information to the cookies.

    I added this code, which does not produce expected result:
  11. I have a gridPanel object and I need to save the column configuration in cookies.
    This is my source:

    var cp = new Ext.state.CookieProvider({
    expires: new Date(new...
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