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  1. @digeridoopoo, no probs. I've just been lazy and used a setTimeout with 1 second delay to display the marker and infowindow.

    quick updates :-

    changed layout, removed the map showing all...
  2. Hi digeridoopoo,

    Thanks for the reply. Not big fan of google maps api, but the most popular one out there.

    Yes I've noticed that the maker is being added before the map is fully rendered. I...
  3. Hi All,

    A quick and dirty demo for a Barclays bike hire / boris bikes web app, using sencha touch

    Really designed for...
  4. Hi All,

    Well I've finally managed to get the "sencha app build -e production" command to work with my demo boris bikes / barclays bike hire app.

    Not sure whether I'm more angry with Transport...
  5. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the reply, I tried what you suggested.

    I think I know what is wrong (the yui and closure compilers are throwing an error when a property is called "long", such as...
  6. Replies
    Hi All,

    Thanks for the replies!

    xTream, I tried what u suggested, but I get the following errors: -

    In google chrome dev tools console, app is not defined.
    Tried launch:function(app){}, but...
  7. Hi All,

    I've been having problems with the sencha sdk build tool on mac. The problem when I try to make a production build is below -

    [INFO] Deploying your application to...
  8. Replies
    Hi All,

    New to sencha touch 2 and it's mvc pattern. Sorry in advance if this seems like a stupid question!

    On the subject of global variables, I can add a global variable to the launch function...
  9. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the reply :), just done a quick update. Two different profiles for phones and tablets / desktop.

    Oh well, if only I could get paid for this development....:((
  10. Hi All,

    Have recently updated my web app, Public Tube (v2) to Sencha Touch v2.0.1.1, link below: -

    Changelog: -

  11. Hi All,

    Have recently updated my web app, Public Tube (v2) to Sencha Touch v2.0.1.1, link below: -

    Changelog: -

  12. Hi Aaronfrost,

    I think it's been classified as a bug, but have had no further information on this.

    I'll download the tools & sdk again and will have a look again 8-|
  13. Hiya,

    Have been using the Sencha SDK Tools beta 3 on Ubuntu 12.04.
    Have got an error when trying to build for production (sencha app create works).

    The error message I get is: -

  14. A quick update: -

    Have tried with windows xp 32bit, when I try "sencha" in the SDK installation folder, I first this error message
    Error: Can not find ..\command\sencha.js
    When I type "sencha"...
  15. Thanks for the replies ppl,

    Followed your instructions (installed in Program Files and typed 'sencha' into where the SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-Beta sdk was installed), but got Error: can not find...
  16. Hi All,

    Have been trying to get the sencha sdk tools 2 beta to work on my window 7 64 bit pc, but to no avail!

    Installed in the place suggested by the installer, in "Program Files (x86)". Using...
  17. ok will have to dig out the code and document it first.

    Send a private message and will get back to you.
  18. oops, the url should be

    No probs, have fun reading and programming!
  19. No worries same here, I'm not a developer just a hobbyist.

    To achieve what you're after, what you need to do is learn about geolocation.
    I think it's part of the HTML5 specification, so you'll...
  20. How to use a google map with Sencha: -

    Be aware that the Sencha Touch getting started guide is out of date? look at the scripts on the...
  21. Follow the link to the site below: -

    Select the feed data that you want and fill out the form, TFL will review your application...
  22. Hi All,

    I've just updated - the user can now search for train information at a specific station.

    Version 1.95 - Detailed Train prediction

    Version 1.75 -...
  23. Hi All,

    Just updated the web app: -

    Layout changes and introduced live departure boards (basic but functional at the moment).
    Next step will be to give detailed...
  24. Hi,

    Have noticed that icon images in buttons and tabpanels are not appearing when viewing a site via 3G on iPhone.
    You see a white box instead of the image.
    No issues when connected via wifi or...
  25. Thanks for all the comments! :D

    That is a very neat idea, make a svg of the tube map or an imagemap maybe? One to think about anyway~o)

    Right now, parsing the train departure...
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