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  1. Fair enough. I added the workaround for the...

    Fair enough.

    I added the workaround for the benefit of other users with the same problem. Another solution which doesn't require a subclass is described in this thread:...
  2. You can work around this issue by subclassing the...

    You can work around this issue by subclassing the ListField class and removing the broken line:

    /** {@inheritDoc} */
    // Workaround a GXT multi-select bug.
  3. [CLOSED] ListField Multi select bug - GXT 2.1.3

    There is a bug in the ListField class for GXT 2.1.3 version.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Create an instance of ListField with multiple values in the store.
    Call setSelection() selecting multiple...
  4. How to get the HTTP status code for a FormPanel?

    I am using a FormPanel to perform a file upload.

    I have set the relevant properties and everything is working ok:

  5. Replies

    Same problem with TriggerField

    We have also seen the same problem using a TriggerField, under GXT 1.1. Appears both in GWT shell and Firefox 3.
  6. Example needed: BeanModelMarker with BaseTreeLoader


    Has anyone managed to make the new BeanModelMarker interface, introduced in GXT 1.1, work with a BaseTreeLoader? I can't find a way to provide valid type parameters to make this work?! I...
  7. How to refresh a TreeItem on an async tree?


    I am using an async tree based on the provided example:

    The tree has a context menu, with a "create new item" action. When the action completes it has...
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