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    Yes, the beta release is imminent and will be available through the remaining contest. Sorry for the confusion, we will post a message to the forums or blog when you can download the latest bits.
  2. I have this fixed in the upcoming beta release.
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    This has been fixed in our upcoming beta release.
  4. You don't have to use the raw data -- but XTemplate.apply() takes an object, and if you're passing in the Model itself (a normalized class) then using the raw data is easiest.

    Alternatively you...
  5. Ok, I took a quick crack at this in a Sencha Fiddle:

    Open your JS console for some output -- nothing renders to the screen when you hit play.

  6. We are committed to supporting 4.2.x -- so while significant API differences may prevent us from adequately inspecting the records in a TreeStore (at least with the current UI, a paged grid), I think...
  7. LOL yes, in fact we do support 2.1.0+... brain fart.

    Yes if you could get me a reproducible test case for those warnings, it would be awesome. Thanks!
  8. And FWIW, the App Architecture tab has been completely re-thought for the upcoming beta release.
  9. As it turns out, "fixing" the functionality for Ext JS 4.2.x is likely to be incredibly difficult. None of the APIs are available (a consequence of TreeStore not inheriting directly from Store) and...
  10. Are you looking at an app that is publicly viewable? I'd love to take a look, because using the Touch Kitchen Sink I don't see either of these warnings:
  11. Ugh, yea something is totally failing... and with no error messages, I can only speculate as to what the problem might be. Literally the first thing Inspector does is read your settings file, and it...
  12. The location of the settings files should be the only other place we add something to the filesystem -- other than (obviously) the installation directory you choose during the installation process. ...
  13. Ok, so far so good :-)

    Let me take the rest of your issues out of order:

    By default, Sencha Inspector attempts to run on port 3000. If you changed that port number to something else and...
  14. I have fixed these issues in the upcoming beta release.
  15. So there may be two things going on here:

    First, you're using HTTPS. The EAP ships with a self-signed SSL certificate for our internal server, so it's possible that your connection to...
  16. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  17. There's quite a bit of new functionality that doesn't exist in the Chrome plugin... and much more on the way. Not to mention the ability to debug apps in ANY browser, not just Chrome.
  18. Thanks for the report, Chad.

    The second column will display information about data binding, ViewModels and ViewControllers (for Ext 5, 6). Clearly we need a label for the header.

    The Layout...
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    Yes, copy is a known bug (only seems to affect Windows).

    A hidden feature of Sencha Inspector is that we create a JS reference every time you select a component in the Component Tree - in your...
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    We may explore that. Honestly I didn't anticipate this being an issue, but we're using the same installer as Cmd so we have the ability to ship a JRE. I'll have to do a lot of testing to see how easy...
  21. Unlike the Chrome plugin, Sencha Inspector will require a paid license. It will be tied to an ExtJs or Touch license, though I don't know if we have made the specifics public yet.
  22. Odd, is something else already running on port 80? Glad you found the config file.

    The copy bug is known and we will have that fixed soon.
  23. Thanks for the detailed report! TreeStores do have a few issues right now, but they should be corrected by GA.
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    Yes we are planning to have a Linux version by GA.
  25. Seems like a cool idea. I'd love to see a video of this in action, only because it involves a lot of setup time. I assume your own projects have a lot of tests written already too, which would be...
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