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  1. Solution

    This forum continues to disappoint me; the only responses I ever receive are my own. Anyway, for anyone else that runs into the same problem, the solution that worked for me is included below. For...
  2. External dependencies not included in sencha app build native

    I have setup External Dependencies for my Cordova Sencha app as per the Sencha docs

    ie. so I set the path to the files in my...
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    Use debug mode to get more info ie. sencha -d app build native

    In my case, I had to install the required Android Platform tools (using Android SDK manager) to fix the problem.
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    Same problem

    I have a vanilla project created with Sencha Command - no plugins, no changes to versions:((, nothing. Just a straight project out of the box. If I build the project for iOS (ie. modify app.json so...
  5. No, Sencha code is contained in the www folder...

    No, Sencha code is contained in the www folder which is inside the Cordova project as per screenshot.
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    Expandable (accordion like) list

    I want to create a list in Sencha Touch where individual list items expand when tapped on to display hidden content.

    They way I used to do it in Sencha Touch 1.9.0 was to have have a class called...
  7. I think this question is really about the...

    I think this question is really about the structure of a Sencha Touch Cordova project?

    It is counter-intuitive the way Sencha Command creates a Cordova Sencha Touch project. The folder structure...
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    Expandable list items still not working

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried all the fixes suggested for Sencha bug TOUCH-3781 but...
  9. Fixed log4j:WARN problem

    I've managed to fix this problem but I'm not absolutely sure how. In order to get Sencha Command to build my Android project, I had to work through a bunch of different problems so I'm not sure now...
  10. I have exactly the same issue using Sencha...

    I have exactly the same issue using Sencha Command 4.0.1. Here is the only output I get:

    Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45 log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (com.sencha.command.Sencha). ...
  11. I used the same login I used to login in to this...

    I used the same login I used to login in to this forum. Forum login works, login doesn't. I even created a new account and tried that but it didn't work either.
  12. Can't login to sencha io control panel - error messag says 'registration closed'

    When I login to sencha io ( I get the error message, 'Registration closed'

    So is sencha io still supported?
  13. Workaround

    OK, I've found a workaround. Instead of using the target parameter for the itemtap event (which now returns null - a great new undocumented feature of Sencha Touch 2.1.1!!!) I now use the event...
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    overlapping rows in list

    Since upgrading from Sencha Touch 1.9.0 to 2.1.1 my code to expand the tapped row in a list view has stopped working properly.

    My code was based on this handy solution...
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    Thanks for the update. Yeah, crude but effective!...

    Thanks for the update. Yeah, crude but effective! Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release of Sencha Touch.
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    Similar problem since upgrading Sencha Touch

    I have a similar problem that has only emerged since I upgraded from Sencha Touch 1.9.0 to 2.1.1.

    I have a list view with no search bar. Tapping the list items opens a second list view with search...
  17. list view bug

    I'm guessing this is a Sencha bug caused by the recent changes to the list view component. I mean it was working before, it's not not now.

    When I do a getXtypes() on this parameter it tells me its...
  18. Could be an issue with the version of Sencha Touch you are using

    I had a similar issue with an older version of Sencha Touch (version 1.9.0) where if I removed the form containing an active text field, the cursor would still appear overlayed on the underlying...
  19. itemtap event not passing htmlelement parameter in Touch 2.1.1

    I'm trying to get the row of a list view to expand when it's tapped to display extra rows of text. It was working in Sencha Touch 1.9.0, but since upgrading to 2.1.1 no longer works.

    I've setup...
  20. How do you get the value of a picker slot in Sench 2.1.1


    I've just upgraded to Sencha Touch 2.1.1 and this line of code to get the value of my picker slot has stopped working:

    var selectedStem = this.getPickers().getValue()['stem'];

  21. The solution is to forget Sencha's references all...

    The solution is to forget Sencha's references all together and use plain old Javacript (this is the latest in a series of ongoing issues I've had with Sencha References and Controls not working...
  22. Strange, I've noticed that if I do a quick short...

    Strange, I've noticed that if I do a quick short swipe on the carousel (so that my finger doesn't go all the way to the edge of the screen) then the button shows/hides correctly!
  23. You're right about that - I have a carousel and I...

    You're right about that - I have a carousel and I hide or show my 'edit' button in the naviagation bar depending on whether the card in the carousel currently being shown is editable or not. If I...
  24. Button show/hide doesn't work until screen tap

    I have developed my app for iOS and it works fine, but am now having to deal with various strange issues on Android.

    I have a button in my navigation bar that I hide and show. The strange thing...
  25. Can't package Sencha Phonegap app to run on device

    Help! I've been working on my app for 3 months. It's due for release on Monday and I can't package it up to run on an iOS device.

    I'm using Sencha Touch and Phonegap. In a desperate attempt to...
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