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  1. FYI I am unsure about this part to target the element..'.kjm-loginwindow .x-translatable')
  2. Try this instead.'.kjm-loginwindow .x-translatable').setStyle('top: 0px !important; left: 0px !important;');
  3. Oh so you want an icon in your label area?
  4. Are you using hbox on any of the form fields? I ran into a similar issue where not giving a child field of a flex container was causing overflow issues. I was able to work around this with giving...
  5. I made an example you can see how to here...

    Basically you want to target the font used for the Placeholder text with CSS/SCSS/SASS

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    Don't know if the above worked out for you, but here's the way I've been doing it and seems to work without much of an issue for me. There's some similarities to the above....
  7. Ok Cool! Thanks for all the help clarifying this! :D
  8. I would recommend updating sencha cmd. Hmm..

    The last one I don't think I've seen before. but the rest of your logs look typical.

    Have you tried running the console plugin? It will display...
  9. Very good to know! would you organize that in a different directory structure?




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    Oh right! I had a similar question in the forum a while back ago for another reason that was answered pretty well.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I'm not super familiar with the MVVM approach. From what I understand (could be completely wrong) you go MVVM or MVC? Thinking back on my post it does seem to be more of a...
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    Take a look at Chrome 43 fix that Mitchell posted. I'm almost 100% sure that's your issue

    You might also need to run sencha app refresh...
  13. I haven't tried 2.3.1 with iOS 8, but have you tried taking a look at the app in Safari from the device or simulator? If you aren't familiar with it you open Safari

    Setup in Safari
    Open Safari...
  14. So this thread is part question, part discussion.

    Here's the Thing...

    I'm always trying to put code into the most organized and logical place. My goal is to organize views and controllers so...
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    Thanks a bunch to both of you for your help. It was really hard to choose the best answer here. But having both of a little bit different approach helped me understand better. @ fischer1121 - Thanks...
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    Hey guys, I've looked around but haven't seen a for sure answer.

    I have an app that makes use of the of a component in different ways in different places. There's a specific thing I want to...
  17. Do you need the mask? If not I'd suggest disabling the Mask from below the component.

    The mask is basically a 100% x 100% div with a low opacity black filling it. So technically there's something...
  18. Thanks!!! I'll give this a try and report back!
  19. Sorry, Meant to mark yours an answer.
  20. Thanks for the tip!

    I was able to push them out by modifying:

    x = centerX + Math.cos(midAngle) * (endRho + 100); // Was 40
    y = centerY + Math.sin(midAngle) * (endRho + 100); //...
  21. Hey Everyone.
    I have a pie chart displaying 11 slices showing top ten sales and a slice showing remaining combined sales. I'm having two problems that I can't seem to find a solution.

    1. The pie...
  22. { xtype: 'img', //or 'button' or nothing and just use //html: '<img src="resources/images/image.png">', cls: 'imgLeft', ...
  23. Actually!

    Did you try and change the path in the dev tools in safari or just check the path. I feel like I had this issue a while back ago, but I can't remember the exact solution. For me I think...
  24. Ok so maybe I've been focused on the wrong thing. Can you share the css?
  25. iOS:

    Settings > Safari > Advanced: Web Inspector Toggle (Toggle to ON)

    Since cordova / phonegap apps are webkit based this allows you to inspect the app.

    Now in Safari on the Mac:

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