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  1. Ok I have solved the issue.Instead of getting row number from the context, I use context.getKey() and then find the object in the store with findModelWithKey().This way I avoid the row number changes...
  2. I have tried this it works at first. But if a node has children and I click to open them, I get an exception.
    So I assume getIndex() of the context returns the current row index. If i expand the...
  3. Hi,

    I am using a TreeGrid which has four columns and displaying an array of MyObject objects.
    The columns stand for four properties of MyObject class. Two of them are booleans, for which I use...
  4. Hi Andreas,

    I have set autocommit of the store to true and it worked.
    Thanks for your help...
  5. Actually, now I saw that I have a problem with the ValueProviders.I use it like this:

    ColumnConfig<MyObject, Boolean> cc = new ColumnConfig<MyObject, Boolean>(new ValueProvider<MyObject,...
  6. Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your answer.
    I am using GXT kind of CBC.
    Indeed the checkboxes show up with the correct values. I realized that the model is also updated.
    The problem is the model...
  7. Hi,

    I am using a TreeGrid in my project.
    Lets say I have three columns and two of them are checkboxes which represents two boolean attributes of the data. I am using
  8. Hi,

    I would like to have a tree component that can have multiple check boxes for a tree node.
    The appearance will be the same for all nodes. So for example, all nodes will have two check boxes....
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    Ok, I found the problem.

    ContentPanels were in a borderlayout and this was causing it.

    I wrote borderLayout.expand(LayoutRegion.EAST); instead of eastPanel.expand() and it worked...
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    I have two ContentPanels: centerPanel and eastPanel.
    There is a tree in centerPanel and there is a text in eastPanel.
    When I click a leaf, I want eastPanel to expand as I set the text sth up...
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    isn't there anyone to help me?
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    I have a tree inside a contentpanel but i cannot see the icons. And when i want to expand the tree I have to double-click. What can be the problem? Please help...

    I am using gxt 2.1.0 & gwt...
  13. I found something about the issue.

    There are tabpanel and tabitems in the eastpanel. When i remove them, eastpanel collapses fine (to east), but when i add the tabpanel then eastpanel collapses...
  14. Hi,

    I have two contentpanels inside another panel: centerPanel and eastPanel.

    The eastPanel is collapsed initially. My problem is when i click collapse/expand button the eastPanel expands ok...
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    ok i have found the answer sorry for asking before searching...
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    thanks sven.

    i have done what i wanted so far. but there is one thing that i couldn't manage to do.
    I want to make the left and right panels come collapsed. I wrote:
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    ok let me be more clear.

    i want to have three panels in another container. the left and right panels must be collapsible.
    the center panel must resize automatically when the left and right panels...
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    thanks for the answer...

    i have a vertical panel but it doesn't have a method called setCollapsible(),
    what can i do?
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    i have a question...
    how can make a panel collapsible?
  20. thanks a lot...
  21. isn't there anyone who can help me?

    I have been searching for hours and I couldn't find a solution. Please help...

  22. Hi all,

    I was doing it like this in gxt 1.x :

    final Listener bl = new Listener<ComponentEvent>()
    public void handleEvent(ComponentEvent ce)
  23. Hi all,

    I was doing it like this in gxt 1.x :

    But in gxt 2.1.0 there is no getButtonPressed() method.
    How can I achive this?
  24. Hi all,

    I have used gwt , ext gwt and jasperreports in my project.
    I have a server side and client side. My client side enters some values to some textfields
    and presses "Get report" button....
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