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    i write in htmleditor "bla-bla", aline to right...

    i write in htmleditor "bla-bla", aline to right side ... in source mode i see <div style="text-align:right;">bla-bla</div> .. i switch htmleditor to WYSIWYG mode and press Save button ...

    my php...
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    nobody knows?

    or may be it's so simple question? where can i read about that? :-?
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    multipart/form-data saving problem

    i use form.Panel with htmleditor item and filefield item ..
    when i try to save, the content of the htmleditor cut after first quotes;
    when i remove a filefield item, the form...
  5. I reply your thanks to the author...

    I reply your thanks to the author ...
    Let the Lord stores his head!
  6. may be...

    may be
  7. what about "parser" servlet & .htaccess?

    what about "parser" servlet & .htaccess?
  8. The following step of evolution:

    obviously, layout:'border ' not necessary.
    Has made viewport {... layout:'ux.centre '...) and in it - autoScroll.
    In items has placed :

    { // simply container, anything else - thanks...
  9. many thanks for this stuff, you saved me a lot of...

    many thanks for this stuff, you saved me a lot of work! :)

    Interesting observation:
    The block "friendsBlock" comprises 8 pictures customised on width so to take places in 2 strings.

    var it...
  10. It is a little more ...

    My reasonings:
    the viewport regions can switch on scroll-bar ...
    In ' viewport ' (region: ' centre ') it is placed "layout: ' ux.centre '"
    In this "layout: ' ux.centre '" it is...
  11. thanks, Condor ... But in this case the...

    thanks, Condor ...
    But in this case the skroll-bar appears in the central block "content", however it is necessary for me, that the skroll-bar appeared for a browser window.
    In other words - when...
  12. I need to place a layer on a bottom edge of a window of a browser

    I have the centered block containing "header", "content" and "footer".
    The "header" & "footer" block has the fixed height.

    But when the block "content" is much less than browser window height ,...
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    for example in

    for example in
    in addition here there are some spelling errors...

    In this file spelling errors are already corrected

    But characters are...
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