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  1. I think this is happening when the text field is disabled.
  2. Seeing this js error on hovering on a textfield which has tooltip, seems like GWT error, anything that I can do? Thanks in advance.

    textfield.setToolTip("Please enter 1 Character Code.");
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    is there a way to hide the select all check box till this is fixed pls?
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    Hi ..,

    We built the latest code( from SVN and we see that the selectAll checkbox is showing up. I have 50 records with 20 columns in my grid and when I check select all checkbox,...
  5. Hi .., I have a grid with grouping and sorting features. when I group a column and try to sort by another column, I see that my service is receiving 2 SortInfoBeans, one is for the column that I...
  6. Hi..,

    I have a grid with filters and when I copy a value and paste it in the filter text field, the grid is not being loaded unless I remove/add something to the pasted value. Can you confirm if...
  7. That makes sense, I am gong with this.
  8. No.., the problem is it is dynamic if the user selects a row in the grid that is when I need to determine this. Any workarond pls.
  9. Hi ..,
    I am adding my buttons to PagingToolBar as below. And I need to hide the buttons if the user doesnt have access to those, and when I try to hide those buttons, I am seeing emtpy space in the...
  10. Never Mind, I was setting setReadOnly(false) somewhere else in the code causing the issue.
  11. setText() is not working but setEmptyText() is working.
  12. As I said, it is not disabling for me. I have a FieldLabel in UIBinder and I am adding one combo, 2 text fields in a horizontal panel in the view java code to this senderLabel and when I tried to...
  13. gxt 3.0.0 commercial version.
  14. .

    I am using gxt3.
  15. Hi.., I want to disable a text field and I am calling textfield.setEnabled(false) and it is not diabling the field, pls help, thanks in advance.
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    I dont have one from Entry Point Sven, can you help me with any workaround pls.
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    Hi.., I have a RowExpander in an Editable Grid. Can you help in the following

    1. How to hide the rowexpander in the editable row.
    2. When I click on the rowexpander the row is going to editable...
  18. Hi.., I have a grid where I am updating the data by making an ajax call, but not using a loader. I want to show mask with loading msg.

    I am doing this by calling grid.mask("Loading ..."); and...
  19. That works, thank you.
  20. Hi.., I have a SimpleComboBox<Integer>, it is displaying the values properly before a value is selected, but when I select a value, only the selected value is being displayed and rest of the values...
  21. It is on IE7.
  22. Thanks Wesley.., I feel the markup must be stripped in the Column Selection and in the Column headers markup should be applied.
  23. Can you please help me with this.
  24. 35643Hi.., I have a gride with 20 columns and which caused scrolling, And Column Headers are not moving while I am scrolling and only the column borders are moving on the grid. Column headers gets...
  25. Just want to make sure, you are checking the right thng, pls see the screenshot.35599
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