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    Have you checked the root path for the ext folder in your app?
    Does it have a leading forward slash and if your app is being served from a sub folder then the /ext directory that it will be looking...
  2. Hi,

    I had a look at an old machine which had a version of Architect 3.2 and it doesn't seem to be working in that version either. It may have been back in the Architect 2 days, but I can't confirm...
  3. I have a couple of components on my GitHub which you can use for a reference example.

    create a new workspace for your package. Don't do this in your application workspace.
    create package using...
  4. Hi Petr,

    I know that app watch runs every time you save and I always watch the console output. When I had changed a theme variable such as $font-color and hit save.
    The app watch did not trigger...
  5. I tend to create a package for the component, added this to app.json & require under Ext.application and then use the createAlias to override.
    I have tried to use the Architect extension code in...
  6. In Sencha Architect prior to 3.5 we could use regex in the filter. I found this very helpful when making adjustments to a number of components.

    If i wanted to change the margin & widths I...
  7. Found out why it wasn't updating after updating the base theme colour.

    Seems Architect wasn't forcing a app refresh so the CSS was not getting updated after the theme was recompiled. As I was...
  8. Hi,

    I'm using the Triton theme for a project but I want to make all text fields display with a black (#000) instead of Tritons default (#404040). A minor global change, which I feel I should be...
  9. REQUIRED INFORMATIONArchitect Build tested:
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 6.x

    When using a component added via a package to Architect, Adding a base class to override using...
  10. Have you generated the package using

    sencha generate package somepackage

    sencha package build
    Then added the .pkg file (in your workspace build folder) into your new project's...
  11. I have seen similar behaviour with "autoShow" config option on panel & formpanels when using them as linked classes. That was back in the Architect 3.2 days.

    I will throw a quick test to see if...
    Architect Build tested:
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 6.x

    LabelWidth is not being read for a linked component upon opening Sencha Architect.
  13. The examples are shown, most recently in ExtJS 6.0

    Specifically around the router examples.

    If this is getting...
  14. Starting to have a play with Ext.Direct with one of the projects I'm working on but noticed that the router.php still uses:
    even with the newer Ext 6 examples.

    code from...
  15. Issue still seems to be persisting in ExtJS 6.0.2
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    This may be just me trying to find a way not to need to click the bookmark each time.

    I'm trying to hook Inspector into a Architect application, which publishes the build to a vagrant folder...
  17. Thought I was going mad, but this is still happening in Sencha Architect.

    channel: 3.2-stable
    framework: Ext JS 5.1.x

  18. Occurs in all version of ExtJS since 5.0.0 Including ExtJS 6 from what my fiddle test case shows.

    Here is a very basic and thrown together Test case using Fiddle.
  19. Just stumbled upon this bug myself. Still Exists in ExtJS 5.1.2 (released to subscribers on Oct 9th, 2015) well over a year since this was recorded/requested as a bug.However this still has not been...
  20. I had this on a windows machine, however it was when I had managed to nest two ExtJS applications in the directory structure and CMDv5 was going for the first .sencha folder it found.

  21. I have been getting a number of errors, when running a production compiled app from Sencha Architect.

    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function
  22. I have had this occur when using a (stacked) column chart also.
    I noted that when I set the width on the that it caused the columns to be offset from where they were meant to be....
  23. I was having the same:

    Error: stream must have data

    When trying to add the PDF.js & compatability.js files to Architect 3.
    When it published for testing it worked, however on compiling for...
  24. I'm trying to get a store class (as in the JS Ext.define not loading the data into the store) to load when a view is added, such as adding a view into a tab panel on a button press.

    I've added the...

    Architect Build tested:

    Build: 951
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.x
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