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  1. create a manifest.js file inside
    edit theme.html file add new content

    <script src="manifest.js"></script>
    go to packages/my-custom-theme and run this...
  2. I got the same problem here
    after I run Sencha Package Build, theme generated complete. Then on FireFox browser, I navigate to htt...
  3. Here are the steps:
    1. Set up the Workspace

    sencha -sdk ~/ext-4.2.0 generate workspace my-workspace
    cd my-workspace

    2. Generating an Application for Testing the Theme

    sencha -sdk ext...
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    the Document should wrong here, it should be grid.headerCt.enableColumnHide = false instead of grid.enableColumnHide = false
  5. set editable: false inside your column config to disable editing
  6. You can call

    or just refresh only cell that edited.

  7. I have the same problem.
    It need to move all column config to another array and call reconfigure to make it work.
    Waiting for the fix. :(
  8. My current hot fix:

    on grid store loaded event I add this line

    this.myGrid.headerCt.clearOtherSortStates(null, true);

    Everything just fine now.

    Why do ExtJS4 able to reset sort state of...
  9. If I set sortOnLoad : false in data Store, after hitting refresh button on paging toolbar, the store become unsort but sort icon still there. It should go away and header should become unpressed.
  10. I found the problem.
    Please have a look at this file ext-all-debug.js (ExtJS 4.0.2) from line 7442 to 7455

    focus: function(defer,

    dom) {...
  11. This is how to recreate this bug:

    Replace portal.js's content in 'Examples/portal' folder (go with ExtJS4 package) with code I post below.

    Using chrome browser to load Portal Layout Sample,...
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    I got the same problem. I want to add "view more" at the end of the List to load more data but it doesn't work with RC1.0.

    var tpl = '<tpl for="."><div class="list-row">'+
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    Hi hendricd,
    Can you show me how to remove a ManagedIFramePanel from my layout ? I wonder what is the best code to do that. Currently I used this:

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    I have a TabPanel that content an mIFrame panel. I want to completely remove this mIFrame when changing tab. Which function should I use there ? Thanks
  15. Sorry for late reply, It does not work on FireFox3 (my current version is Firefox/3.5.5).

    .x-menu-list-item {
  16. Try on this link:

    Click on Button w/ Menu and type some text into the ComboBox. The TextField is unselectable. :(
  17. I commented 2 lines that give focus but no effect:

    ,onTriggerClick : function(e){
  18. I have the same problem here. Is there any example that could help. Thanks :)
  19. Currently, my new treenode is at the bottom of the tree and I want to move it to the top. Can anyone give me an idea to do that. Thanks alot.
  20. I need to test a DataStore with yuitest but I dont know how to assert it. Can somebody give me a example. I'm a beginner on yuitest. Thanks
  21. Ok, this is the code :
  22. The width of the context menu is set the first time it is rendered. That causes some problems if on a subsequent call I try to show a menu item that is wider than the context menu's width.
    Is there...
  23. Do you mean I have to configure my Acrobat Reader or set the file header Content-Disposition: inline ? Hope it will work.
  24. My code

    var sortTypeFunc = function(n){
    return n.attributes.text.toLowerCase();

    It's work fine with firefox but not with Safari
    My tree look like this

    And I want it look like...
  25. I've post a thread here. But no one reply. I think this is a bug with Ext window when use a custom css to change the window skin.
    In Window.js file line 861

    startDrag : function(){
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