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  1. For me, the following override worked. I tested with various border sizes and margins.

    onResize : function(w, h){
    var body =...
  2. Hm, I think I see what you are meaning, but is this really the best way to do this? I find it very annoying that the splitter is not where I drop it.

    Do you consider changing this behavior?

  3. Thanks for your quick answer.

    I don't mind the resizing of the other columns, but why does the column that I am resizing not have the size I expect it to have?
    When I move the separator line...
  4. Ext version tested: Ext 3.0.0
    Adapter used: ext
    css used: default ext-all.css grid-examples.css shared/examples.css
    Browser versions tested against: IE7 FF3.5
    Operating System: WinXP Pro...
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    Hi Thorsten,

    Actually, we first used Ext.tree.TreePanel (Actually Ext.tree.ColumnTree), because we need a tree with additional columns displayed. However, we then switched to the TreeGrid because...
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    Hi Mindpatterns,

    First of all I have to say great extension!

    Have you (or anybody else for that matter) ever tried to combine the live grid with MaximGB's tree grid?

    I know that in my...
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