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  1. Hi,

    I am using slider in my application. The slider ranges from 0 to 23. There are 4 pointers in the slider. By default the values of the pointers are 0,10,14 and 23. All the 4 pointers are...
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    on some event, I want the window to scroll to the top
    is there any thing in extjs , which can help me scroll to the top of the window

  3. It worked now.. I gave wrong id.. thanks for support
  4. I have created a window.. and applied modal:true to it
    when i press "esc" key.. window gets closed ./.. and the modal gets removed...
    but when I programatically close teh window, model is still...
  5. please help on this.. its urgent
  6. Hi,
    I have a combo box in a grid's column
    combo box is properly displayed on the screen as expected.. but its throwing some error in console which is affecting other popup's in the screen
    this is...
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    Is there any predefined method in Extjs to fetch client's IP Address

  8. build: 0
    major: 4
    minor: 0
    patch: 7
    shortVersion: "407"
    version: "4.0.7"
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    I have a grid.. which has a sub table/template/ and am using rowexpander for it
    but I want the Expander symbol(+) to be displayed only when there is data for it..
    Below is the part of code I have...
  10. Hi,
    I am using combo box with multi select - with auto fill feature
    problem is, for the first value am entering i get the auto fill/complete feature working.. but for the next values, auto...
  11. this works.. thank you very much
  12. no it doesnt work
    if am doing this - egg.filter('allergenCategotyCode','FA');
    this give me 5 records

    if am doing this - egg.filter('allergenCategotyCode','A');
    this give me 0 records
  13. Hi,
    I have used filter on store like below

    but I want to filter the store based on wild characters - ie., filter all records which starts with "Ro"

    I want...
  14. am not even able to iterate through the store

    gives the below error
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined

    am using something like this...
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    yeah.... but with the below 2 lines of code, am not able to rename the file

    viewConfig: { plugins: { ptype: 'treeviewdragdrop' }},
    plugins: [ Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing', {...
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    for tree pane... I want to use 2 plugins.. but the cell editing plugin is not working.. can someone please help me on this

    var editPlugin = Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing', {
  17. yeah.. you are right..
    am able to get the param @ server side.. now I can send out whatever is required

    thanks a lot for your quick response
  18. right.. but on the expand of a folder - how do I pass the node id?

    for the first time tree is loaded, param 'root' is sent to server..
    same way, on expand of a folder, folder id/name is not...
  19. I have a tree panel - and when am expanding the folder, the whole tree is displayed(from the root) instead of its sub folders

    please let me know what has to be changed - below is my code

  20. response from the server is as below
    [{"text":"ACME Washington DC","leaf":"true"},{"text":"Smith, Joe","leaf":"false"},{"text":"ACME Type 2 Rockets","description":"Defective Road Runner Rockets...
  21. root folder has "folder-A", "folder-B", "folder-C"

    if am expanding "folder-A", am getting root folder's same elements/structure - ie., ( "folder-A", "folder-B", "folder-C")

    please help
  22. I want to store the structure of the tree in a database - and so am having an xml

    which am converting to json object as below -

    JSON json = xml );

    is out.print the...
  23. to be more specific, this is what am doing in servlet

    StringBuffer sc= new StringBuffer();
    sc=sc.append("<text>ACME Washington...
  24. my return data from servlet is as below. ie, output of System.out.println(json.toString()); is below[{"text":"ACME Washington DC","leaf":"true"},{"text":"Smith, Joe","leaf":"false"},{"text":"ACME...
  25. I have created a tree store, where I get the json data from a servlet..
    but every time I expand a folder - the whole tree appears as a child

    please see below code
    var store1 =...
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