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  1. Thanks Brice.

    I already read that thread. That guy also looking for workaround which am trying to find out.

    anyways thanks alot Brice
  2. Bricemason, Thanks for the reply,

    in both the cases am returning object literal.

    in case 2 I created a separate variable which is an object and am return it.

    #Why would you want to do what...
  3. Hi,

    I am using sencha touch 2.3 and senchcmd 4.

    created a model.
    following code is working fine

  4. not able to disday images on the toolbar
    please help

    here's is the code

    TextButton addButton = new TextButton("",
  5. Hi i created a simple tree grid but am getting assertion error am using GXT 3.0 GPL. here is the code

    public Widget asWidget() {
    VerticalLayoutContainer layoutContainer = new...
  6. how to create a column with strings and checkboxes using GXT 3 and i want to change the editor based on the value i.e.. if cell value contains string it has to show textfield as editor, else it has...
  7. Hi,
    In my grid , i have acolumn with string and boolean values, here if i found boolean i have to replace the value with checkbox.

    Thanks in advance
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