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  1. Ok, so with a grid there is no way of doing this.

    Is there any other way of doing it?
    I'm basically looking for a list/table layout where only rows can be selected, one or more.
  2. I only want row's to be selectable, but how ever I try the cell I click on will always be highlighted with a border.
    Is there any way of getting rid of this?
  3. I'm trying to add custom images in resources/ but they arn't included during builds.

    What shall I do to have my images included? Do I need to add them to Architect somehow or do I need to add a...
  4. I just ran into this bug myself in 5.1.1.In my case I added objects(models) to a store but they only had a few parameters filled in, the rest was added from the server during the store.sync(). One of...
  5. I just ran into this bug myself in 5.1.1.

    In my case I added objects(models) to a store but they only had a few parameters filled in, the rest was added from the server during the store.sync()....
  6. I don't know what but there is something seriously weird going on here... Why is lastParentId missing most of the times?

    Rejecting a single node is no problem, but nested nodes... I just can't get...
  7. I hade to write an override, or actually modify an example I found to suit my data.
    I'm not sure this is the correct way but it seams to work at least.

    What are your thoughts of it?

  8. I'm pulling out my hair on this...

    I have a TreeStore and I'm trying to implement some error handling with rejectChanges().

    When I add a record to the store rejectChanges() works as expected...
  9. I recreated the issue here: on Apply Filter and look at the summary row.(It seams to work in on Fiddle for some reason..)
  10. I just figured out what is causing my issues. I have a store with records and a gridview displaying it's content. But I filter the store depending on what folder the user has selected.
    If I don't...
  11. Good idea, I added it as a normal function in my store but how do I call it?
    I'm using architect so I can't select anything but the pre-defined summaryTypes.

    And sum seams to call the old...
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    That was I thought, but I tried both .erase() and .drop() yesterday and returned
    { success: false } but the nodes disappeared from the TreeView anyway.

    Here is my code at the moment, I'm using...
  13. console.log(val) returns undefined.

    This is how it looks.

    The score column in the Game model is:
    { type: 'int', name: 'score' }
  14. When I try to override a TreeStore I get a bunch of errors when compiling. What do I do wrong?
    (same thing happens if I override anything else)

    [ERR] loading page...
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    Before going down that route I must question my own code here.

    Is this really the correct way of doing this?

    What I want to archive is simple. I have a TreeStore which I use as a folder tree...
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    Could you post an example of how I should override the destroy operation please?

    I tried this, but the node is deleted from my tree (not sure if it's deleted from the store) before I get any...
  17. Hi,

    After upgrading from ExtJS 5.1 to 5.1.1 I noticed that summaryRenderer in my gridviews isn't working anymore.

    val is always empty in 5.1.1, have anyone seen this and maybe found a...
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    Has this been resolved? I'm facing the same issue since upgrading from an old 5.1 to the latest 5.1.1 downloaded this weekend.
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    Ok, thinking of it a 200 seams correct if passing the success: false in the body.

    But in my case rolling back incomplete deletes won't work so I need a solution for that and I really don't want to...
  20. Thank you for the suggestion, but it affected the whole container (chart and labels).
    As a workaround I'm rotating the label 45°.
    But I'm sure there is a better way of handling this?


  21. Any ideas how I can resolve this?
    (parts of 100 is rendered outside of the visible area)


    xtype: 'cartesian',
    flex: 1,
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    How should batched DELETE's be handled if one or more fails but at least on is successful?

    A 204 would indicate that all were successful, a 304 the opposite.
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    It sure seams so according to the source.
    I really which they documented these things better and highlighted changes. Also an some examples wouldn't hurt.
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    How does ExtJS handles REST DELETE requestes with 204-responses?

    I know that at least before a 200-response was expected with an array of erased node id's.
    I have setup a REST proxy and it seams...
  25. Hi,

    Is there any way I can upgrade a Architect project from it's current ExtJS 5.1 framework to the just released ExtJS 5.1.1?
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