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  1. Congratulations ... great work.

    The download link does not work.
    Could you please provide another one or send me the source code to :

    Best regards

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    Hi all,

    the suggestion from andrei

    works great for IE6 (and still works for other browsers) ;) see screenshot
  3. hey SilveR316,
    thanks for sharing ... I
  4. ... I have the same problem ...
    can anybody please help us ?
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    very nice feature!
    I have added a function to provide client side validation of enterd password.

    Maybe it is helpful for somebody

    * validate the strength of the...
  6. Hi Animal,

    thanks for reply.
    Now it works fine ...
  7. Hi all,
    I am new to Ext and I go mad with sizing the grid correctly.

    a) can anybody provide a small, working example how to size a grid to its div-container
    (height: 100%, width: 100%)
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