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  1. You are right. The Android Emulator doesn't seem to send any geolocation information to the script unless you have faked it with the command described in your Stackoverflow post.
    I'm now using my...
  2. Hi

    I have a problem using the Ext.util.Geolocation in a native Android build. I've been using Sencha Cmd for a while now to generate the production build of my app and it works very well.
    I'm now...
  3. I think I found a solution to my problem. It seems that some localized strings in my index.html caused this strange behavior (propably a charset problem).
    After removing them my production build...
  4. Hi

    I updated my app from Sencha Touch 2.1 to 2.3.1. I'm using Sencha Cmd to create the production build. Since then I get the following error when opening this build:

  5. Thanks for the reply. I updated my component with your code. See:
  6. Not really. I fixed my problem with the following workaround:

    When creating a new Marker I'm adding a lastClickTimestamp property to it:

    addMarker: function(record) { [...]
    marker =...
  7. I didn't find a proper solution for this so far. I'm still using the workaround I posted above.
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    The versions tab in the Market seems to work now.

    Problem solved!
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    Same problem here. I have to change the download link to my extension because GitHub is turning down their download support.

    I don't find a way to do this in the Market. Do I have to submit a new...
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    I had the same problem described in this thread. But I think with the following browser detection query it should work:

    autoMaximize: ("Safari") !== -1 &&...
  11. Hi,

    If you want to change the centering of the map you can do this whit the setMapCenter()-function on the component like that:

    Ext.define('LeafletMapDemo.controller.Map', { extend:...
  12. I had a similar problem with the minifying process. After creating a production build I always got errors with the Leaflet-Library which uses L as namespace.
    After some research I found out that...
  13. Ok I've found a workaround for this problem.

    I had to disable the delta update for the included app.js file. Just delete the following line in the "js"-part of your app.json:

    "update": "delta"
  14. Hello everyone

    I have a problem with the Sencha Cmd ( production build of my app. The build works well and I can run the app without any problems. But as soon as I change something in a...
  15. Hello everyone

    I'm trying to build my Sencha Touch application which is using the Leaflet Library ( As soon as I'm doing a production build with Sencha Cmd the L...
  16. I know there are some plugins for Leaflet out there but non of them is fully implemented. So I have written a Sencha component for myself. I tried to offer the same features as the official Ext.Map...
  17. Hello everybody

    I've just spotted a problem when using a Leaflet map in a Sencha Touch 2 application. It seams that the click event on a map or a marker always fires twice instead of once.

  18. Sorry, there was a bug in my custom proxy which resulted in a strange id behaviour of the items. Now everything works fine.

    Thank you!
  19. Thank you very much!
    component.element.getSize() worked.
  20. I am always getting the following error after inserting a new record to a store and switching to the list where it should be displayed:

    Cannot call method 'insertFirst' of null

    I am using a...
  21. Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with the getSize()-Method of a Ext.Component Instance. The method returns an Object with the width and height as properties but both of these properties are always...
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    In my case the startup screen did work on iPhone 4 but not on iPhone 4s. I also used the config parameter phoneStartupScreen.
    After using the new config parameter startupImage it now works on both...
  23. I had the same problem and found an answer here:

    I modified the solution a...
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