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  1. Modified Romanitch's 3.3.1 patch with minor changes to properly handle restful requests with no params.

    Ext.lib.Ajax.isCrossDomain = function(u) {
    var match =...
  2. Using the Firefox zoom feature (control +, control -) it appears that the size of collapsed panels grow but to not shrink. As a result, zooming in and out can result in extremely large collapsed...
  3. Consider the scenario where the selection model allows multiple selections. Function selectRow(index, keepExisting) is called with the following circumstances:

    1) Multiple rows selected in the...
  4. I just wanted to follow up on this. It appears that my changes was added to the css for Ext 2.2. However, there is an extra semicolon which causes it to be ignored.

    Ext 2.2
  5. Same here. Has anyone had any luck with a fix for Ext 2.2? Is this extension dead?


  6. It appears the text color in the css for the active menu item is not used unless it's followed by !important. See the attached screen shots.

    ext-all.css (2.1)

  7. Turns out I should have been setting my query params as baseParams on the store rather than as a parameter in the load method each time. Sorry for the confusion.

  8. Actually, this is the case for first, last, next and prev as well. They all call store.load rather than store.reload.

    Am I thinking about this incorrectly? I would think if parameters were...
  9. Hello,

    I believe the reload button functions incorrectly in Ext.PagingToolbar. This action invokes:


    which ignores any previous parameters that were used in the...
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    Nevermind, I found my answer. This extension looks excellent. Thanks Saki!

  11. Look great tjstuart! Thanks for all your work on this. One minor thing I noticed was that you have dragable spelled two different ways (draggable, dragable).


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